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UK - Mostly complete - Pirates/Blacktron 2/Castle/Castle Ninja/Atlantis/Viking - Having a clear out!

iamkevinwilliamkevinwill Member Posts: 4
Greeting all,

 I'm having a clear-out of some older sets that I never quite got around to completing. I bought several boxes of LEGO back in 2014 of a neighbour, that now take up too much space. I am working on photo's but I lack space at the moment.

They are - 

Pirates - 6291 Armada flagship & 6286 Skulls-eye schooner. These two were both glued!! (I know), and I have tried to separate.. I have 4 bags of parts like hull/masts/rigging and sails. Also have the 3 crew mini-figures for the Armada ship (one without breastplate). No other pirate MF yet unless I find some in other boxes.

Black Tron 2 - 6861 Aerial Intruder & 6851 Tri wheeled Tyrax - Looks complete except for one of the buggy's from the Intruder. Only 1 Minifig (with white B top)

Castle - 6086 Black Knights Castle - This looks complete. Has 10 mini-figures & 4 horses (the ghost is missing and one of the knights). Baseplate has a slight bit of the corner missing. Building Booklet (though it is a bit creased)

Castle Ninja - 6083 Samurai Stronghold & 6089 Stone Tower Bridge - I'd say about 95% complete. All mini-figures seem to be there. Slight build variation on horse carriage.

Atlantis - 8058 Guardian of the Deep & 8060 Typhoon turbo Sub - Look complete. No mini-figures.

Vikings - 7018 Viking Ship - Ship only. No serpent or mini-figures. Ship I'd say is around 85% complete. Looks to be missing the thin tubes that go through the sail/can't find the parts that make up the hanging jail/no dragon wings. Has all the shields and oars. Has booklet.

Well there we go. I know none of them are quite complete, but some great and very rare sets. A good project for someone.

I'm looking for sensible offers either individually, or for the lot. I would prefer a cash and collection sale, but could post to UK only as I am in west Wales. 

Any questions, please ask.


  • Muftak1Muftak1 Member Posts: 554
    I think you may need to post prices yourself...
  • iamkevinwilliamkevinwill Member Posts: 4
    Thank you Muftak1 - will do.

    I've based prices from set listings off Brickset. I don't think any set is complete, but wouldn't take much to do so. I will try to get photos done soon.

    Here goes - So, looking for in the region off... 

    6291 - Armada flagship - Hull/parts & 3 mini-figs - £75
    6286 - Skulls eye Schooner - Sails/Parts and hull - £50
    7018 - Viking Ship - £75

    6861 & 6851 - Aerial Intruder/Tri Tyrax - £60

    6086 - Black Knights Castle +10xMini figs/Booklet - £250 *(I would consider a swap if someone was to purchase 10312 Jazz club with the 40586 Truck GWP)

    6083 & 6089 - Castle Ninja - £95

    Thanks for looking.
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