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FT: S11/S10; Jabba;Slave Leia;Jango Fett;Jor-EL;Hoth-Han

DiggydoesDiggydoes Member Posts: 1,079
Hi everybody,
here´s a updated list of what i have to offer :


S11 Pretztel Girl x1
S11 Barbarian x2
S11 Gingerbread Man x2
S11 Holiday Elf x3
S11 Jazz Musician x1
S11 Constable x1
S11 Lady Robot x1
S11 Welder x1

S10 Baseball Fielder x8
S10 Decorator x8
S10 Motorcycle Mechanic x12
S10 Paintball Player x5
S10 Tomahawk Warrior x6

S9 Mermaid x2

Star Wars:

Jabba (75020) x2
Princess Leia- Slave Outfit (75020) x1
Ree-Yees (75020 x1
Battle Droid (Dk Orange with Backplate/ 75015) x3
Jango Fett (75015) x3
Pong Krell (incl. Lightsabers) x2

Foot Soldier (Black) x1
Dark Ninja x1


Hoth Han Solo (May the 4th Poly) x1
Jor-El x6
Galaxy Squad Battle-Mech x3

I also have the Micro-figures of the SW "Battle of Hoth" game x6 available!

All CMF´s have been opened and put straight into a Ziploc,they come with Leaflet;Poly and of course all Accessoires! All other Figures are New, unasembled and come like inventoried in Bricklink!

I´m looking for:

LOTR Wormtongue
LOTR Soldiers of the Dead (fr. Pirate Ship Ambush)
Hobbit Wargs (both White&Grey)
Bane (old)
Watto (old)
Bilbo (Blue coat from DVD/Blu-Ray)
Clark Kent (from DVD/Blu-Ray)
Rohan Soldier (from Uruk Hai Battle Pack)

Almost any kind of CMF "Army-builder"!
If you have anything else to offer just PM me!
I´m located in Germany but will trade worldwide!


  • DiggydoesDiggydoes Member Posts: 1,079
    I´m also after the Clone Trooper Lieutenant Poly (Multiples)!
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