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Sets F/S: 10182 10190 10219

adello25adello25 Member Posts: 361
Figured I would combine the 2 sale threads I had into one to make it easier. Anyone interested in the following sets....?

#10219 Maersk Train- Set is opened, 100% complete with all minifigures but NO box. Instructions are mint. Set has been built but was in a drawer for a long time.

#10190 Market Street- Set is 100% complete with all minifigs. Instructions are in mint condition. NO box. All pieces are in great condition. It was built in the past, but has been sitting in a ziploc bag in a drawer for quite a while.

#10182 SECOND FLOOR ONLY I Bricklink'd this a while back and has been sitting in a ziploc bag for a good 2 years. Note that the build is NOT exact matches to the Cafe Corner instructions. Some examples of changes I made were instead of 1x8 Reddish Brown Bricks, I used 2-1x4 Reddish Brown Bricks and the same for the Dark Red plates, I may have used a 1x6 and 1x2 plates in place of 2-1x8 plates, and the black floor plates may be a mix of different plates. However, all of the pieces are the correct color and structurally, there is no difference. This is built using the new style panels with side supports.


  • ShpadoinkleShpadoinkle Member Posts: 420
    What is your price for the #10190?

  • adello25adello25 Member Posts: 361
    Also have:

    #8043 Motorized Excavator available. Set was opened and built once and has been disassembled and store in ziploc bags. Set is 100% complete with instructions. All PF parts work perfectly.

    Chrome Vader Minifig- Opened, perfect condition. I built a little "house" out of clear panels that he has been in since I opened the polybag. Pictures available upon requst.

    #2853835 White Boba Fett Polybag sealed
  • adello25adello25 Member Posts: 361
    Still available.
  • adello25adello25 Member Posts: 361
    Also have a used, 100% complete #6860 Batcave. All minifigs and instructions.
  • TheLoneTensorTheLoneTensor Member Posts: 3,937
    How much are you asking for these? Where are you located?
  • adello25adello25 Member Posts: 361
  • adello25adello25 Member Posts: 361
    Also have a #4954 Model Town House available for sale. It is 100% complete but NO instructions.
  • mdellemanmdelleman Member Posts: 274
    I PM'd you about #8043
  • adello25adello25 Member Posts: 361
    mdelleman said:

    I PM'd you about #8043

    PM replied

  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,526
    adello25 said:


    It is really helpful if you list your location, rather than expect others to find this out for themselves.

    It is of course up to you to decide whether to or not, but it is also useful to list prices. At least ball park prices you are aiming for. Personally, I tend to skip over anything without a price unless I am really interested in the item and it is hard to get. I assume if there is no price given, it is because it is higher than the market value. I might be right, I might be wrong. But I still skip over it.
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