FT BNIB Republic Striker Starfighter 9497 (UK)

xowainxxowainx United KingdomMember Posts: 112
Hi, I've ended up with one of these spare (BNIB, with a few minor creases and dents, photos on request) and I'd like to trade/part exchange it for something.. Basically for something Star Wars (especially the Z95 Headhunter) or LOTR/Hobbit related of a similarish value. It's a great kit with some neat design features and figures, pick it up!

For references, I've traded with Atkinsar before and my eBay ID is xfish-boyx and has 100% feedback.

Let me know what you have and hopefully we can work it out.


  • xowainxxowainx United KingdomMember Posts: 112
    To be more specific, sets I'd be interested would include, but aren't limited to..

    Z95 Headhunter
    Duel on Geonosis
    Mandolorian Speeder
    HH87 Starhopper
    Council of Elrond
    Barrel Escape
    Attack of the Wargs
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