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[BE] Belgium Brussels Lego Shops

Anyone know if there are some good toy shops which sell Lego in Brussels?
I don't think there is a Lego shop.
Going this weekend for a few hours so will try and take a look and see if there are any bargains or indeed Series 11 :D
Thanks :)


  • AleyditaAleydita BelgiumMember Posts: 796
    Stores in Belgium tend to limit their sales to January and July; outside of these periods it's rare to see any discounts - I'm not sure but there may be legislation that limits when stores can have sales here.

    The only one I know that stocks a decent range of Lego is Bart Smit in the Woluwe Shopping Centre which is probably 10 minutes by car from the centre of Brussels. I'm not sure if this is a chain or not so there might be others nearer to where you're going.

    Kruidvat sometimes have some of the smaller sets available for lower than the RRP, and last time I went in one - about 4 weeks ago - they had some series 5 and 6 collectible mini-figures at half-price. There are quite a few of these stores, in Netherlands as well I think, and they vary greatly in size from store to store. The one local to me rarely has Lego but the one near work carries a range of mostly low value sets. They often get new stock in so it must sell reasonably well.

    The out-of-town supermarkets here (Carrefour and Cora especially) tend to stock a range of sets and occasionally have offers on some of them, but in all honesty I've never seen anything earth-shattering outside of the main sale periods (and even then...).
  • JohnnyfinlandiaJohnnyfinlandia Member Posts: 358
    .. Thanks Aleydita .. doesn't sound promising but I will search. :)
  • AleyditaAleydita BelgiumMember Posts: 796
    I do almost all of my Lego shopping online so if you do find an Aladdin's Cave of Lego in Brussels that I've not discovered, please do let me know :)
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