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FOR SALE: Lego Collection (Star Wars, Ninjago, City, Bionicle, Racers and more)

AdeelZubairAdeelZubair Member Posts: 2,710
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Lego Collection: Individual prices shown below or the whole lot for £150.

-Mace Windu minifigure from Star Wars The Clone Wars (#sw220) Does not include lightsaber (£4.50)

-Creator, Fast Flyers, 4953 (£20)

-Mars Mission, MT-31 Trike, 7694 (£10)
-Mars Mission, ETX Alien Strike, 7693 (£15)

-Bionicle, Solek, 8945 (£6)
-Bionicle, Toa Kopaka, 8685 (£10)

-City, Police Helicopter, 7741 (£7)
-City, Fire Helicoptor, 7238 (£10)
-City, Fire Helicoptor, 7238 (£10)

-Racers, Flame Glider, 8641 (£5)
-Racers, Power Cruiser, 8643 (£5)

-Basic, Little Fish, 3223 (£4)
-Minifigures, Fairy, 8833-9 (£3)
-Ninjago, Starter Set, 9579 (£7)

Lego Instruction Booklets (50p each)
-City, Prisoner Transport, 7286
-City, Satellite Launch Pad, 3366
-Star Wars, Rebel Trooper Battle Pack, 8083
-Batman, The Batmobile Ultimate Collectors' Edtion ,7784 (Book 1)

NEW Lego Ploybags: (£4 each)
-Ninjago, Ninja Glider, 30080
-City, Mining Quad, 30152

USED Lego Ploybags: (£3 each)
-Ninjago, Hidden Sword, 30086
-Ninjago, Ninja Training, 30082
-Ninjago, Jumping Snakes, 30085
-Monster Fighters Zombie Chauffeur Coffin Car, 30200
-Friends, Ice Cream Stand, 30106
-Alien Conquest, Jetpack, 30141
-Alien Conquest, Jetpack, 30141
-City, Police Boat, 30017
-City, Mining Quad, 30152



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