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Rank Your Modular Collection... Why the Hate for Market St

vwong19vwong19 Member Posts: 1,191
edited September 2011 in Collecting
Which Modular do you like most and least? I've seen a lot of people comment that Market St is inferior or ugly, but given that the set was originally released for $90, it was meant to be smaller. I personally like the blue color scheme and it compliments the color of the other sets.

My Modular Ranks
*1. Green Grocer - first set to include an interior, great color, accessories
*2. Cafe Corner - my first modular, would be be #1 if it had an interior
*3. Pet Shop - 2 sets in one, great accessories, more residentials please
*4. Market St - biased because I put this set together through Bricklink... so much time invested
*5. Fire House - I like the fridge and truck
*6. Grand Emporium - don't know, it probably should be #4, it feels a little cold

* I own

Each set has been a joy to put together. Hoping for many more to come.


  • vwong19vwong19 Member Posts: 1,191
    Also some people do not even consider the Market St as part of the Modular Series just because the box says LEGO Factory. I do not see the logic.
  • Si_UKNZSi_UKNZ Member Posts: 4,179
    edited July 2011
    Based purely on exterior looks
    *1. Green Grocer
    *2. Cafe Corner
    *3. Market St - I think a lot of people don't like this as its overtly Dutch i.e. foreign-looking, whereas the rest are more in styles that are more familar worldwide. Personally I like the variety.
    *4. Pet Shop - not built mine yet but reckon it'll be here.
    *5. Grand Emporium
    For perspective, most of my lego colelction fits in the following numbers, followed by
    *1000. Fire Brigade - ugly, dont know why, Ive never really liked it.

    If I were to choose a geographical location where you'd see all these in one street, I'd say possibly NE France or Belgium.
  • RobbRobb Member Posts: 144
    I can't say much as I only have one Modular: the Fire Brigade. But I quite like it. It's got lots of great elements (such as the rolling garage door) and I like the architecture details such as the large stone columns on the lower half and the brickwork on the top.

    I'm interested in all the modular buildings since I think they each have the potential to teach me some great building techniques. I can't get the old ones, but I still plan to study the instructions for building ideas and make my own versions inspired by the originals.
  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,290
    edited July 2011
    Also some people do not even consider the Market St as part of the Modular Series just because the box says LEGO Factory. I do not see the logic.
    I consider it part of the modular series, but it should be noted that there is more of a reason than the title on the box that others do not. The Factory sets were models designed by fans from a subset of available pieces. Because of this, there were practical constraints within which the designer had to work, and IMO results in it falling a bit short from the LEGO designed sets.

  • dougtsdougts Member Posts: 4,110
    1) Green Grocer
    2) Pet Shop
    3) Emporium
    4) Fire Brigade
    5) Cafe Corner

    I don't consider Market Street part of the "official" Modular collection, so I won't include it in my list.
  • drdavewatforddrdavewatford Administrator Posts: 6,754
    I like them all.

    And as for "Hate for Market St.", a ten-fold increase in price since the set was retired seems to suggest that there's a fair bit of love for the set rather than hate.....
  • dodgedodge Member Posts: 14
    I've only got four out of the six, but here's my breakdown:

    1. Green Grocer - Outside and in, it is a nice building to look at and interact with
    2. Pet Shop - It has lots of details both inside and out
    3. Grand Emporium - I dig the classy shop feel and the humourous element they threw in
    4. Fire Brigade - a VERY classy-looking building with great stuff inside, but for some reason, not the one I think of first as a favourite.
  • BinaryCodeBinaryCode Member Posts: 15
    edited July 2011
    1. Green Grocer - Beautiful interior and great detail on the back (Fire escape)
    2. Pet Shop - Two buildings, great townhouse feel, again, amazing interior
    3. Cafe Corner - Great overall look, would be higher if it had an interior
    4. Fire Brigade - Nice vintage look, never really liked the first floor exterior though
    5. Grand Emporium - Incredible interior, but exterior is just too repetitive
    6. Market Street - Amazing set, but too small to stack up against the rest

    The only reason Market Street is rated last is due to it's smaller size. It's an incredible set, but it just isn't the same. The small garage just doesn't work next to all the other Modulars.
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