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Feeling more at home on Brickset than on Facebook? I do.

sandtherapysandtherapy Member Posts: 108
edited August 2013 in Forum Operation
Is it just me or am I the only one who doesn't really care what my friends had for breakfast or dinner? I'm certainly more interested in what they are creating. Thank you Brickset for provided one an opportunity to communicate with somewhat like minded people. We may not all agree on our politics, culture, religion, avocation or sexual orientation but we do all seem to have an appreciation and a level of respect for our fellow Lego enthusiasts :)


  • legomattlegomatt Member Posts: 2,548
    I'm not on facebook... or twitter... I don't text... in fact I don't use a mobile at all... I don't ebay... or use paypal...

    Thinking about it, it's a wonder I'm on here at all!

    So, after not-so-lengthy reflection, I would say Brickset is infinitely better.

  • EKSamEKSam Member Posts: 349
    edited August 2013
    ^You just described me. :-))

    Edit Except mobile and paypal for Bricklink.:-)
  • legomattlegomatt Member Posts: 2,548
    ^ It's nice to know there's more of us than I thought... three! :oP
  • HuwHuw Brickset Towers, Hampshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 6,546
    Thank you @sandtherapy: posts like this make it all worthwhile :-)
  • SirKevbagsSirKevbags Fairy Land Member Posts: 4,030
    I did enjoy @legomatt being the only postal raffle entry :-)
  • TheOneVeyronianTheOneVeyronian Help me, I'm inside the M25! (UK)Member Posts: 1,360
    I'm not the only one here then! :-) Me and my parents are the only ones in my entire huge family that has Internet access that doesn't use Facebook or Twitter - and I'm only 20 years old!

    The only sites I frequent are (from most to least):
    Brickset (my favourite site by miles! :-D )
    E-Mails (I have two e-mails, one personal, one for university)
    eBay (rarely, it's more my parent's thing)
    Erm... That's it :-D

    Even better, my phone is prehistoric (had it since I was 15 :-) ), very crude and expensive Internet access, so I only use it for calls :-)
  • richoricho Member Posts: 3,827
    Great results, well done.
  • SirKevbagsSirKevbags Fairy Land Member Posts: 4,030
    @CapnRex101 Well done on the exams. Now put down the bricks and review pen to get yourself into a stupid state with your mates as is the done thing.
  • CapnRex101CapnRex101 United KingdomAdministrator Posts: 2,282
    ^ That's for the weekend ;o)
  • SirKevbagsSirKevbags Fairy Land Member Posts: 4,030
    ^ Kids today pfft. Why not today and the weekend? ;-)
  • TheOneVeyronianTheOneVeyronian Help me, I'm inside the M25! (UK)Member Posts: 1,360
    Great results @CapnRex101, well deserved :-) What subjects, may I ask? :-)
    P.S. I had no idea you were only 17, I always thought you were a bit older ;-)

    Thinking about it, I thought I was strange because I'm not on Facebook (but feels like everyone else on my Geology course at university is, some even use it during lectures! Gosh how many times I've been asked 'Am I on Facebook' by my mates and me constantly saying 'No' was getting quite annoying :-D ). Nice to know I'm not strange, in that respect anyhow.

    With the list of sites I frequent, I forgot to say How on earth did I forget that!? At least I didn't forget Brickset :-D
  • CapnRex101CapnRex101 United KingdomAdministrator Posts: 2,282
    @TheOneVeyronian - Latin, Ancient Greek, Classical Civilisation and English Literature. Classics basically :o)
  • richoricho Member Posts: 3,827
    I want to know how you get all this lego. I was always broke as a teenager!

    I hope you get some reward for those good grades though. :-)
  • legogallegogal USMember Posts: 755
    CONGRATS! There are countless ways to celebrate your success...that are easier on your liver! During uni, I enjoyed a double feature with friends at the bargain theatre or going on a hike with them in nearby forest.

    Ditto! Thanks for this thread!

    Facebook does get tiring, and brickset is much more engaging. Actual face to face time in talking with live also good for ones soul. One of the major downsides of cell phone usage (besides mowing down innocent pedestrians while driving out of control) is that the poor bystanders have to listen to others gab. Lord help me to not choke each and everyone of those loudmouths!
  • TheOneVeyronianTheOneVeyronian Help me, I'm inside the M25! (UK)Member Posts: 1,360
    @CapnRex101 Interesting set of subjects. Very different to the subjects I did at A-Level I admit :-) (in case you're wondering, I did Biology, Chemistry and Physics at A-Level :-) ) That feels like an age ago, I can't remember what I did to celebrate.

    Back on topic :-) I always found the Brickset community much more welcoming than a Facebook or Twitter community since we all share one love, something I learned from the word 'go' since I joined 2 and a half months ago (gosh, that long already!? Time flies when you talk about Lego). I found everybody I met to be wonderful people and those I've PM'ed have been wonderful to 'chat' to. That's why I love Brickset and the Brickset forums so much, because the people are great :-)
  • akunthitaakunthita USAMember Posts: 1,032
    Brickset and Facebook can't even be compared. A friend of mine told me that I gotta be careful with FB because it is very addictive. I'm familiar with FB, and have an account, but I find it incredibly shallow and boring. Brickset on the other hand is a whole different matter entirely; great people, intelligent and interesting discussions, relevant and fresh updates... if I miss Brickset for a day I feel withdrawal symptoms.

    Also, interesting fact; FB is outdated. Most of the readers on my blog (thebrickblogger) are kids and teens, and they have consistently told me that they don't use FB at all. They don't like all the old people (parents, teachers)being there and spying on them. LOL! They either migrated to Twitter or Instagram. Or some of them to Google+. So yeah, FB is no longer cool. Brickset is!...(c;
  • princedravenprincedraven Essex, UKMember Posts: 3,768
    Filled in that survey the other day where you can win an iPad and one of the questions was something along the lines of "Would you feel a sense of loss if the forum was gone", I almost came out in a cold sweat... What on earth would I do everyday if Brickset wasn't here!! :-0
  • rancorbaitrancorbait Manitoba CanadaMember Posts: 1,850
    edited August 2013
    @CapnRex101 Congrats!

    Like a few others here Brickset is the only social network I use. ( unless you include a few emails, but that is strictly business right @CapnRex101? ;-) ) I'm 16 and I don't have a phone!

    I've had some pleasant conversations with some of the members and have gotten to know them a little, there is definitely some awesome people here!

    As long as we have Brickset we need nothing else!
  • legomattlegomatt Member Posts: 2,548
    What a nice thread this is. Thank you @sandtherapy for starting it. I'm now about to pitch out a deck-chair, kick back, open a bottle, and bask in the warm glow of loveliness and birdsong that is this thread... an oasis amidst a sandstorm of reseller threads...

    Aaaaaaaaaaaah, bliss.


    *splutter COUGH, hack Grrarrrgh!* (swallowed a bug).

  • khmellymelkhmellymel United KingdomMember Posts: 1,234
    I do have a Facebook account, but it's unfortunately a requirement. As a personal contact management system, I've found no better, mainly because the majority of people I know (even my 60+ year old parents) are on it, and they're thousands of miles away now. But while I don't visit Facebook everyday, I do visit Brickset everyday :)

    My problem with FB is that it's TOO for people to contact you, LOL... "where are the pics from last night?" Heaven forbid if I don't post every moment of my life on the blasted thing... plus my boyfriend is also a non-Facebook user, so he makes me do all the... "Hey, when is so and so's birthday again?"

    I find Brickset much more relaxing.
  • Si_UKNZSi_UKNZ NZMember Posts: 4,179
    edited August 2013
    brickset is great because its full of people who genuinely have something in common. It's a very friendly and tight knit community but I do often wish I could hear more about peoples lives outside of lego, to hear more about who they are, because it can get a it one dimensional otherwise.

    The best solution, I reckon, is to have Lego mates on facebook as well, then you know where to go to see funny photos of their pets, drunk down the pub etc. When you tire of that after about 20 seconds its nice to come back to brickset and settle into some really interesting discussions.
  • 91stlegotrooper91stlegotrooper Member Posts: 92
    richo said:

    I want to know how you get all this lego. I was always broke as a teenager!

    I have been working since I was 10 years old. I always had a lot of money for Lego through my teenage years. Anyway, I use facebook and twitter only for my business and but reading and seeing half the stuff on those sites, it is just stupid(sorry to those I may have offended). Brickset is much more real. We all have a common interest in Lego, we have serious conversations (most of the times), and all in all everyone here is great. When you are on the Brickset forum, you feel like you are with family.
  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO Chicagoland USMember Posts: 9,509
    I do not have a facebook account.
    So I guess by default it is Brickset.
    I just hear too many stories about Facebook. How companies are data mining it, (yeah yeah companies data mine everything, but why would I willingly and openly want to contribute to it?) How employers look at it, and how people really put a lot of stuff in there that they probably would not want to put out to the public about you especially.
    Plus I think the benefits (such as finding and catching up with old friends and family) is outweighed by the negatives (some people I REALLY do not want to catch up with to be honest, and the above reasons).
  • sandtherapysandtherapy Member Posts: 108
    Thanks to all of you for your input on this subject. I so enjoyed reading your comments and once again finding how much we have in common. Sorry it's taken so long to get back in the discussion. I work as an elementary school counselor and we just finished up our first week of school. Very long work days and my evening stalk of the Walmart clearance isle on my never ending quest for anything Lego has kept me very busy. My school is unique in that we are in a very low income area and we have our district autism program. Lego bricks and other element are excellent manipulatives for teaching and learning math, science, language and social skills. My dream is to equip every classroom with an abundance of Lego for work and for play. Sorry to get off topic but I know my Brickset community understands my passion for Lego. Most of my facebook friends just don't get it.
    I completely agree with 91stlegotreeper, when you are on the Brickset forum, you feel like you are with family.
  • EKSamEKSam Member Posts: 349
    edited August 2013
    Most of my friends are on FB, invariably at parties, get togethers the Fb topic comes up. The common theme seems to be
    1) How they know what their spouse is up to thru facebook.
    2) How they don't wish anyone on their Birthdays in person, even if they meet them.
    3) They are so busy yet they seem to have hours to spend on Fb.
    Then I get asked how come I am not on facebook, I say I am anti-social. :-) what I want to say is because everyone and his uncle from mother's side is there. ( there's that anti social part) :-))
    They don't get my Lego hobby and I don't get their obsession with whatever they are obsessed with and never the twain shall meet. :-)

    @sandtherapy You are in a noble profession and sounds like you are very passionate about teaching your students and Lego. Hope your dream comes true. :-)
  • sandtherapysandtherapy Member Posts: 108
    @EKSam Thank you, I fully expect it to.
  • EKSamEKSam Member Posts: 349
    I am not really anti-social incase anyone is wondering :-)) thought I should clear that up. :-)))
  • Pitfall69Pitfall69 0 miles to Legoboy's houseMember Posts: 11,401
    edited August 2013
    I am on Facebook. I have 2 businesses and it really helps bring in business.

    I know Facebook "data mines", but I swear I saw @Huw outside my window with a headset and binoculars ;)

  • sandtherapysandtherapy Member Posts: 108
    @EKSam I'm glad to hear that you are NOT anti-social. I'm not either but I do appreciate sharing information with those of my choosing rather than the entire world.
  • oldtodd33oldtodd33 Denver 4800 miles to BillundMember Posts: 2,452
    edited August 2013
    I saw this thread come up a week ago and avoided it because of the Facebook title. Now that I have read it I'm kind of glad I did. I thought I was the only one who didn't have a cell phone and don't even know what Twitter really is at all. I do have a FB account but that's only so I could keep tabs on a friend of mine who hiked the Appalachian Trail. Yes, I do much prefer Brickset to FB, much more interesting people here and I couldn't care less what people had for breakfast.
  • Pitfall69Pitfall69 0 miles to Legoboy's houseMember Posts: 11,401
    edited August 2013
    You see, I'm much more entertaining than that. I never post food pics, but I do post a ton of Lego pics.

    Facebook is much more than that crap. I like that I can ask a question and tag my wife and get tons of answers from people my wife and I know. The best questions are about Lego; like the ones I post about buying my friends kids old Lego that they don't play with anymore ;)
  • Si_UKNZSi_UKNZ NZMember Posts: 4,179
    Fyi .. Those who're worried about facebook and sharing just put people in groups and change your default to just share with 1 group eg close friends only
  • LostInTranslationLostInTranslation UKMember Posts: 5,545
    Count me in as another person who's not on Facebook or Twitter.
    Brickset is the first online forum I have belonged to and I feel so at home here, I have made so many truly great friends.
    I also don't like going anywhere else for my Lego fix!
  • TheOneVeyronianTheOneVeyronian Help me, I'm inside the M25! (UK)Member Posts: 1,360
    Suffice to say, I will never ever join something like Facebook, it would be all too easy for the kids who used to give me a hard time at school to find me on Facebook and give me a hard time there. Why? Well, that will be kept a secret for now so please don't ask, but I'm sure the reason will be familiar to some of you. I think that's my main reason for not being on Facebook.

    But anyway, I've never met someone on Brickset that hasn't liked me, it's the only social network that I feel truly welcomed into. I love it how one minute we're talking about best places for cheap Lego, the next we're discussing future releases. That's the beauty of Brickset.

    Even criticisms (if there are any!) are friendly here.

    On another note, funny how the Facebook and Twitter symbols on the forum (those that appear along with the likes button) haven't been brought up. Does anybody actually use those?
  • margotmargot Member Posts: 2,310
    Facebook is and has always been more popular with the older set, like me (I'm 47). We all reconnected with friends from elementary, high school, college that we hadn't heard from in years. It would be really hard to give that up now.
  • margotmargot Member Posts: 2,310
    One really nice thing about Facebook is that when disaster strikes you can quickly notify all your friends and loved ones that you are ok. Very helpful with all the crazy weather events, tornadoes, storms, plane crashes etc..
  • sandtherapysandtherapy Member Posts: 108
    Just for clarification, I am in no way suggesting that anyone join or give up Facebook. With over a BILLION active monthly users, fb clearly plays a role in todays society. I too have reconnected with many long lost friends through fb. There are also a few nice Lego groups on fb. My original point was nothing but pure appreciation of for the opportunity for social connection with people around the world who "get" why I have a room in my house referred to as "The Lego Room" and why the term "LEGOing" is used as a verb at my house.
    I turned 50 on my last birthday and live in a relatively small community in New Mexico. Since I work at an elementary school I get to share conversations with children about Lego and building and everything else one can imagine (even some things unimaginable).
    For me, the brickset forum is a treasured opportunity to learn from, laugh with, share great finds with, help ID parts with and occasionally rant with other Adult Fans of Lego.
  • Thanos75Thanos75 Member Posts: 1,117
    Whats Facebook?
  • plasmodiumplasmodium UKMember Posts: 1,939
    Looking at all these comments, I can't help but think there's a socio-whatchamacallit study to be done here. Something about demographics and nice words like that. But...someone else can do that. I'm not a psychologist. (Maybe they can even offer an iPad mini XD)

    I think in the ordinary run of things Facebook would be quite pointless, however, I just graduated from school and moved from Cameroon to England recently, so I honestly do use Facebook to keep up with schoolfriends who are now in America, Korea, Canada, etc, etc. I think I would also see it as pointless if I could actually meet up with all my friends in person anyway.

    That said, the Brickset community is awesome, and the sheer amount of collected knowledge is staggering - and not only that, but the knowledge is passed on in good spirits and often with a great sense of humour.
  • masterX244masterX244 GermanyMember Posts: 488
    personal opinion of me is that facebook got a ban from my computer;
    i prefer to stay in specialized communities like this :)
    second advantage is not being spammed by every small thing someone does
  • Pitfall69Pitfall69 0 miles to Legoboy's houseMember Posts: 11,401
    I will"tweet"? I hate the whole hashtag thing. Although, it would be interesting to see #lrftjustgothisasskickedintheresellerthread
  • TheOneVeyronianTheOneVeyronian Help me, I'm inside the M25! (UK)Member Posts: 1,360
    As for Twitter - I never understood it when it was launched, and still haven't completely got my head around it now!

    All I know is Twitter (not equal to) Facebook, Twitter+Facebook < Brickset

    Or in non-algebraic terms, I prefer Brickset to other social media :-)

    (btw, I'm not saying I hate any form of social media, it does have it's uses though)
  • kyrotekkyrotek Southampton, UKMember Posts: 212
    Facebook, Twitter et al are all just means to an end. I use them to be in touch with widely scattered family and friends across the UK and abroad. It's cheaper than phonecalls and texts and allows me to indulge in certain passions that cannot be broadcast on forums such as these (other toy collections). It's just a personal choice to use them however you decide I suppose and luckily you can choose who, how and what these social sites reveal to you or about you.

    Having said that I rarely post publicly on any site, social or otherwise, unless it is relevant and worth saying IMHO. Posting news, deals and similar seems to be more worthwhile than reading all the chain posts, trending subjects or pointless updates on what people are eating or how bad/sad/happy they feel. I come here just as often as those sites but I am just as loathe to comment for the sake of it and would rather save space for people with genuine interest and relevance to the matter involved :-)
  • LegobutterflyLegobutterfly Member Posts: 488
    I do have a facebook account, I tell myself it is so I can keep in touch with a family member who I would otherwise not be able to. The reality is she cannot even be bothered to say happy birthday back to me, so yeah, that's working out really well for me. Lol.
    A very good friend of mine has a facebook selling group which he asked me to help admin, and my goodess does it make me wish I did not have a facebook account! The easy answer would be to give it up but I don't want to upset my friend or let her down so I spend as little time as possible on there and then come here to unwind.
    My children get a little confused as to why I say I am going to visit my place of peace but then do not move lol, but here really is the place I very often feel most at peace and very relaxed. I am lucky that my husband is also an AFOL so that makes my life easier and much more enjoyable but sometimes he isn't in the mood to talk LEGO or is planning his work schedule for the following day so I pop on here and instantly feel at home.
    My 2 very good friends are not AFOLs but they love that I am, and they understand it in as far as they have the same passion for collecting something and they do what they can to support me, like sending a photo of the underground map from London whilst on a day trip, and the other is currently picking up the mail polys for me and the boys as she lives close to smiths and knows I cannot get in to get them. Others of my 'friends' who have now left my facebook page have been funny about our collecting and one really judgemental, I don't get any of that here and I love it. Sometimes I come here and think of it as the library, I just sit and read and enjoy, other times I come and read and add my own contribution and either of those things is fine. There is never pressure to say something for the sake of it, or to keep quiet when I really want to say something. I am not judged here, nor treated as inferior and I have encountered some truly lovely people here and some wonderful acts of kindness (@carlq I am looking at you here) and have been able to try and pay it forward by sending others things that they needed, for no other reason than because they needed it.
    As far as I am concerned Brickset rocks and there is no place I would rather be and no place I would be accepted so much.
    Thanks guys, for making me feel welcome and making me smile and laugh :)

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