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Lego competition prizes

historymanhistoryman Member Posts: 370
edited August 2013 in Community and Events
I am a year 6 teacher looking for anyone who can help my class. I teach in a school where a lot of the children are from economically deprived homes and are also disengaged with learning so I am constantly looking for ideas to motivate and interest them. In September I am keen to set up a school newspaper, completely written by my class to share with the rest of the school. In order to keep the rest of the school interested in reading (therefore spurring my children on to keep writing and publishing) I am thinking that it would be good to include competitions with prizes. Lego prizes would be awesome. Can anyone think of individuals, groups or companies that I could contact to ask for donations?
Any help is very much appreciated.


  • SirKevbagsSirKevbags Fairy Land Member Posts: 4,030
    In putting together the raffle I can offer a little insight. Getting much out of big companies is difficult. I don't know where you're based but here in the UK its common for them to choose official charity partners for a couple of years and divert all their funding and attention to it. I guess it simplifies things, especially the rejection when you ask for assistance. Lack of official charity status is a major handicap.

    With this being a local project I would say its best to approach local companies. Places where you can speak directly to the owner. Be clear about your objective, polite when they turn you down and keep trying other places. It can be a frustrating process but keep at it. If you knock on enough doors some will open.
  • hantothantot UKMember Posts: 272
    hello again @historyman my wife is also a teacher, she'll be getting her fill of lego from the Daily Mail promotion and using these around school for various prizes - although I guess these smaller sets depends on the age of the kids.
  • historymanhistoryman Member Posts: 370
    Thanks for the replies so far.
  • joel4motionjoel4motion United KingdomMember Posts: 959
    I honestly think you'd be surprised at the generosity of the independant stores on your high street.

    We helped run the school fete for my partners niece and probably racked up £1800-2000 worth of gifts in a few weeks mainly from Borehamwood high street. If you know the area you will be aware of a huge Tesco's who donated bugger all and also be aware that is neither a particularly affluent area nor one packed with high end shops.

    There are actually some decent people out there...
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