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Missing instructions for 2012 Pickable Models

tamaratamara Member Posts: 13
I hope I put this in the right forum...people collect instructions right?? LOL Anyways, I am trying to put together a book of simple instructions for my young girls to be able to flip thru and build some simple things with Legos. I have been able to find most of the monthly builds going back a few years and well as some of the pickable models. However, the 2012 PAB models I am having a hard time finding and of course those seem the most on their level to be building!

Ok here is what I have: Royal Guard, Zoo Keeper, Batman & Robin, Artist, and Patriot.

Here is what I am looking for (PLEASE!): Rabbit, Chef, Santa, Surfer, Pirate, Monster.

There are pictures of all of these under the Promotion sets in 2012 on this site but no instructions and I have searched the internet like crazy. Any help finding these would be greatly appreciated! I can also send my email address if that is easier. Thanks!!!


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