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Goodwill Auction Star Wars Figures - Looking for my Mate

hoyatableshoyatables Northern Virginia, USAMember Posts: 869
edited August 2013 in Community and Events
Last week I won a Goodwill auction that included a bunch of Star Wars figures, including some excellent rare ones. There was a second auction that ended immediately afterwards that also contained some rare Star Wars figures (including what looked like a Cloud City Boba), but I couldn't justify bidding on both auctions.

I just received my figs today -- had the rare ones I wanted and what looks like parts of other rare ones (Jawas, old Yoda, etc). Wondering whether the other auction winner happens to be a Bricksetter and whether we might be able to work together to unite these figures. Let me know.

Apologies if this is the wrong subforum -- wasn't sure where to put it and quite frankly I was hoping for as much visibility as possible.

- Dave
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