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Looking to trade for Daily Bugle Showdown (UK)

jondesouzaCEjondesouzaCE UKMember Posts: 242
Hi all

Having been away all week I missed the majority of the Asda party! I wondered if anyone would be interested in trading a spare Daily Bugle Showdown for any of the following:
#6862 - Superman vs Power Armour Lex
#6865 - Captain America set
#7942 - Off-Road Fire Rescue
#9463 - Werewolf
#9466 - Crazy Scientist
#9471 - Uruk-Hai Army
#76004 - Spiderman Spider Cycle Chase

Happy to include cash in any deal as well as any spare newspaper polys that I may have!

Thanks everyone


  • jondesouzaCEjondesouzaCE UKMember Posts: 242
    Just to add I'm now also prepared to trade my #6864 - Batman and Two Face Chase set for the Bugle.
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