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DC 2011 Comic Con minifig exclusives collection

royvroyv Member Posts: 9
edited August 2013 in Everything else LEGO
Hello Everyone,

This is actually my first post, after creeping along for the last year! I have a question for the Marvel/DC completist collectors on here. Regarding the DC comic con exclusives released in 2011, does anybody feel the need to own/own both sets of figures released from the SDCC and NYCC? Would it be considered an "incomplete" collection if you didn't? I own the Batman and Green Latern figures from SDCC, and never really felt it was necessary to try to acquire the NY ones, especially since you can get the Superman from, and the only difference between the others is the display card.

So I was just curious with the opinion's of other collectors with these figures.


  • BrickDancerBrickDancer Member Posts: 3,639
    edited August 2013
    I started with SDCC Batman, thinking I would then need only SDCC Green Lantern and still be complete. But knowing that it should be a triplet for that year if I went the NYCC route, it kept nagging at the OCD-me. So when I happened on a NYCC Superman and a great price, I picked it up and quickly bought up NYCC Batman & Green Lantern. Then I felt a wave of true completion sweep over along with a sigh of relief from scratching the itch. So from my POV, you only need NYCC Trio to be complete and having SDCC would then be redundant. But if you only had the SDCC Duo, then you know deep down inside you are not complete without Superman. Oh the completist conundrum...
  • vwong19vwong19 Member Posts: 1,191
    Probably depends on how you display them. I detach my figures from the card and display them with the rest of the Super Heroes. Having the card does nothing for me. Obviously I keep the card around in case I wish to part with minifig in the future.
  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,555
    It is up to you to decide what to collect and whether your collection is complete.
  • royvroyv Member Posts: 9
    Thanks for the input. To me, it's tough to justify buying the 2011 NYCC Superman, only because I have the 6862 version already displayed with all the other Super Heroes themed characters. But I can definitely see why a completist would need/want it. Maybe someday I'll pick-up that exclusive, as some of displays of all three I've seen do look great together . Hopefully Lego doesn't drop anymore variations at the NYCC coming up— my bank account is still trying to recover from this year's SDCC exclusives :/..
  • BrickDancerBrickDancer Member Posts: 3,639
    edited August 2013
    ^i heard Lego is not doing NYCC this year since they did the Times Square thing just a couple months ago.

    I forgot to say the other part of the conundrum. If you go with the NYCC Trio route, then you no longer have SDCC for 2011, 2012 & 2013, instead it's NY-SD-SD. Oh the irony of completion.
  • royvroyv Member Posts: 9
    That's relieving to hear! Yeah, the continuity would definitely be broken :/.. I just checked the latest prices on the NYCC ones, it wasn't as bad as I thought. Although, the Superman is a lot harder to find.
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