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SapmiSatanSapmiSatan Member Posts: 106
edited March 2011 in Everything else LEGO
...they just keep getting uglier! I've never gotten any, but I've always wanted a couple of the originals, they were real beauties! The first design was brilliant, the one seen in 7203 and 7163. They were reasonably sized and prized(at least the ones in 7203). The one from 2007, however, looked horrible! It was big and bulky and I can't imagine it being able to roll. The one from the newly released picture of 7877 Naboo Star Fighter looks even worse, while I think it might be able to roll, it's design is hideous. It's twice the size of a minifigure and larger than a small car... Oh, the huma... droidanity!


  • PaulTRPaulTR Member Posts: 115
    Gotta agree with you there! My best friend owns the Jedi Defense set (I'm pretty sure that's the 7203 set, right?), and his droidekas are fantastic looking! But you're right: I've seen the MTT set's droideka and I almost threw up. It doesn't roll up, is far too big, and it's just down-right ugly. The new one doesn't look much better.
  • prof1515prof1515 Member Posts: 1,550
    I don't understand why they don't create some custom parts to make a proper Droideka. I have each version, save the upcoming one, and I am not happy with any of them either. Lego should simply create the parts necessary and cease these horribly disproportionate versions. After all, they've created plenty of one-off pieces before (do we really think we'll see Bossk or the old Aldar Beedo again?) so why stop now?
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