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#4841 Hogwarts Express discontinued?

clowndiscuslegoclowndiscuslego Member Posts: 97
edited July 2011 in Collecting
So I was in my local target checking out the clearance items, and i asked a clerk about the hogwarts express set. they had 2 in stock, and none on order as they checked their computer. they told me that it was listed as does that mean its discontinued via target and they wont receive any more or does that mean it will very soon be discontinued from lego?


  • bmwlegobmwlego Member Posts: 820
    This set was marked down at Kmart too on clearance so it might be on it's way out if it hasn't already been discontinued.
  • clowndiscuslegoclowndiscuslego Member Posts: 97
    i would like to find a couple more sets so i can extended the passenger train but cant fine any at discounted prices in my area
  • CancanCancan Member Posts: 31
    Just came from my Target here in Connecticut. They have 6 on the shelf, all full price. In fact, all their Lego HP is full price. Only Prince of Persia and Gateway of the Squid have been marked down.
  • bmwlegobmwlego Member Posts: 820
    edited July 2011
    Wow cancan. My Targets have tons of sets on clearance (though not the Hogwarts Express) and usually do this time of the year along with the post Xmas clearance to make room for the next year LEGO stock. Maybe your Target is huge and has room for new sets so they don't need to make room for the new sets. Maybe the Targets here on Long Island are smaller and need to clear space on their shelves to accommodate the new stock.
  • MCNwakeboardMCNwakeboard Member Posts: 321
    Three local targets that I went by in Northern VA did not have much marked down either. The prison carriage ($8), Dobby's release ($8), and some older Atlantis sets.
  • sonsofscevasonsofsceva Member Posts: 542
    edited July 2011
    Target seems to be clearing the sets from 2010, if they need to, to make space for the Alien Conquest and City Space on the shelf (now on endcaps at many stores). For HP, the Express, Burrow, Dobby, and Quidditch have all been marked down in various places. The Forbidden Forest, Hogwarts, and Knight Bus are not marked down, since they were released in 2011. Of course, being discontinued by LEGO is another question. How do we officially find out such things?
  • teal93mr2teal93mr2 Member Posts: 1,017
    I saw this one at one of the local targets for $56 (30% off). Going to wait till it goes down to half off.
  • vynsanevynsane Member Posts: 179
    It's possible the clerk is confusing "no longer being stocked by Target" with "discontinued by LEGO". Just because Target only keeps their shelves stocked with a certain wave of LEGO inventory for a year or so doesn't mean LEGO is no longer producing the product. It's truly "discontinued" when LEGO no longer produces or intends to sell it (it's hard to gauge just when that occurs, but a good indication is when it ends up on the "Sales and Deals" page on LEGO S@H).

    For example, I purchased the SP3 Galactic Enforcer on clearance at a Target last summer, but it was still available at other locations (both other Target locations and other retailers) for some time - even being part of Target's "Black Friday" sale for 30% off, if memory serves - that's six months AFTER I got mine for 50% off.
  • DavidBrickleyDavidBrickley Member Posts: 376
    A good rationalization that I make, which has cost me no small amount of coin, is "if I don't get it today at 30%, when it's in my hand, will I even have the opportunity to get it when, or if, it goes to 50%?"

    Someone on the board mentioned last Friday night PotC sets claearanced, and I picked up a few at 30% off on Saturday morning (Whitecap Bay being one of them). I went in the same store yesterday, and every single PotC set that was on clearance was gone. I "hope" they're not discontinued from Lego, mostly becasue I still want a Black Pearl ship, but they obviously need to make room on the main aisle to move the AC, Space, and Cars 2 sets off the endcap.
  • MatthewMatthew Administrator Posts: 3,714
    Just the talk of this is making me drool, why can't we have proper sales in the UK? I suppose we should count our blessings really, compared to Australia/NZ... If any of you could pick up any spare Freeing Dobby's please send me a message.
    Many Thanks
  • EricEric Member Posts: 376
    ^ :( Yes, anything above a 20% discount is unheard of. It just does not happen. I saw the new harbour set, 4644, was listed at $79. Creator Lighthouse? $69. It's getting really hard to rationalise spending that much money on what are ultimately a small sets...
  • MinifigsMeMinifigsMe Member Posts: 2,844
    Hmm, just looked at the prices for posting to NZ, not great, but might be worth while? I know prices for lego are cheap in the US compared to UK, but postage from there seems HUGE! Perhaps us brits can be helpful when there are sales (eg amazon often gets to 50%off some sets)

    Airmail Letters
    Up to £46 No £18.70

    Airmail Printed Papers
    Up to £46 No £12.03

    Airmail Small Packets
    Up to £46 No £12.03

    International Signed For
    Up to £46 Within UK £23.65

    International Signed For Printed Papers
    Up to £46 Within UK £16.98

    International Signed For Small Packets
    Up to £46 Within UK £16.98

    Surface Mail
    Up to £46 No £12.68

    Surface Mail Printed Papers
    Up to £46 No £7.56

    Surface Mail Small Packets
    Up to £46 No £7.56
  • YellowcastleYellowcastle Administrator, Moderator Posts: 5,234
    @MCNwakeboard - we never really see these great clearances at our NoVa Targets! We must be a booming LEGO market.
  • MCNwakeboardMCNwakeboard Member Posts: 321
    @Yellowcastle - Yes, between the 2 Lego stores in the greater NoVa area, I would think so- and whenever there is a good sale, it seems that the sets go fast.
  • LegoJohnLegoJohn Member Posts: 1
    A local store in my area has Hogwart's Express down to £59.99 also local Legoland shop looked like it was clearing its shelf of ToyStory 3
  • teal93mr2teal93mr2 Member Posts: 1,017
    Hogwarts Express 4841 is on sale on for $64.80 now if anyone is interested.
  • jagdjhjagdjh Member Posts: 95
    I've been watching the price on Amazon as well. I went ahead and ordered's almost as good as the clearance price that people (but not me!) have been finding at Target. I'll probably save the difference in gas money...
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