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FS #10179 UCS MF (UK) + others INC. prices!

TheCableGuyTheCableGuy Member Posts: 114
After having a #10179 UCS MF in our build queue for more than a couple of years my son and I recently built it.

It is all you expect and more but we have no where to display it and have now "scratched that itch" so now are ready to pass it on.

It was bought second hand in 2010 (instead of cracking open our sealed one) and the parts were only checked when we built it a couple of months ago. Rather disappointingly it didn't come with the sticker sheet and 3 missing parts. One of those is a LBG 20L rigid hose (75c20) and the other 2 are the now infamous LBG rigging (47996). If only i'd known this when I bought it then these could be picked up pretty cheaply back then.

Apart from those pieces the set is complete with instructions, minifigures and box. The instructions and box are in good condition but are no means mint as the previous owner has put some tape on the inside of the box.

I'm in the UK and am asking for £1000 for the set plus delivery, which i'm sure you are aware compares favourably with those available on ebay and bricklink.

I'm not interested in trade thanks either full or partial and payment is to be made through paypal to offer both the buyer and seller protection.

I've completed a few trades here on Brickset so there should be some that can vouch for me if need be and I can also direct you to some fairly substantial feedback on ebay.

I can either answer questions direct on this thread or reply by PM if you'd prefer.

In the interests of minimising marketplace threads I also have the following for sale excluding delivery, all are MISB apart from the Ice Dragon which has a fair amount of box wear.

#10185 Green Grocer £450
#10194 Emerald Night £170
#10219 Maersk Train £160
#10231 Shuttle Expedition £150
#3222 Helicopter and Limo £50
#4547551-1 Chrome Vader £50
#2260 Ice Dragon £40

Any questions please let me know and i'll do my best to help.



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