Key chains with grey tags.

bitsathisbitsathis Member Posts: 140

I am trying to understand why certain key chains with grey tags are more expensive than others. For example i have a couple of #850355 both with grey tags. Are these better or more valuable than other tags? If so why?



  • joel4motionjoel4motion United KingdomMember Posts: 959
    edited July 2013

    ill give you a £1 for each....

    The grey ones are older, I think the ones you have are from 2001-02. I have a full set of SW keychains, I got lucky on ebay with a few people who were unaware of what the grey tags mean but generally have paid more for the older ones. I think there are two versions of the Stormtrooper with grey tag, one with a lego logo on the back ,one without. Id value the one with a lego logo more but just my opinion.

    Which one have you got?
  • bitsathisbitsathis Member Posts: 140
    Lego logo on the front, had them for a while but cant remember when exactly i got them, they were in a mixed bag of stuff from a boot sale. Not looking to sell but was thinking of collecting more of them. Just didn't understand the difference in the tags and struggled to find out the info from a simple google.
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