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Chakino: 30 year old blues

chakinochakino Member Posts: 159
edited July 2011 in Introduce yourself
Hi, i used to collect lego when i was young about 85 to 92. I went up the loft and brought down a box full of my old lego for my nephew to play with and started to get back into it. At first it was only the Star Wars sets that i was into. My first purchases were made at start of 2010, then with the help of ebay and getting vouchers that could be used at argos i started building my collection. things were going along well until i moved out my parents house (I know 30yrs is bad) . I Started gambling and even though i bought loads of sets with my "winnings" I had to eventually sell almost the lot when I ran out of money at end of last november. Now I have quit (over six months now) I have started to rebuild my collection . Just recently i saved 2 pound coins for 5 months and used the proceeds to buy a death star . Up until the last few weeks I have been star wars only however certain sets like the POTC and Harry Potter have been getting my attetion and have now started collecting the series 4 mini figures. sorry for the long message but i hope to contribute to this forum as i have been reading it for a couple of weeks now ty.
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