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FT/FS: CMF's, Polybags, Ninjago Spinners/Booster Packs, LEGO Books and Keychains

CoolsplashCoolsplash Member Posts: 935
Hello everyone. Been sometime I have been thinking about working on a trade list with my fellow Bricksetters. I am from Pakistan and will ship worldwide. I am also on Bricklink.

I have worked with my friends here at Brickset namely @Bumblepants, @Vortex, @vwong19, @drdavewatford, @Matthew to name a few.

Following is the list of items I have for trade or perhaps to sell to interested parties. As follows:

- Collectible Mini figures - (for Trade)
S2 - Skier x 2
S3 - Tribal Chief
S3 - Space Alien
S5 - Detective
S5 - Boxer
S6 - Surgeon
S6 - Minotaur
S6 - Classic Alien
S6 - Intergalactic Girlx 2
S7 - Galaxy Patrol
S7 - Swimming Champion x 2
S7 - Aztec Warrior x 2
S7 - Computer Programmer
S7 - Bride
S7 - Evil Knight
S7 - Bagpiper
S7 - Viking Woman
S7 - Bunny Suit Guy
S7 - Ocean King
S8 - DJ
S8 - Evil Robot
S8 - Vampire Bat
S8 - Cyclops
S9 - Mr. Good and Evil
S9 - Roman Emperor
S9 - Chicken Suit Guy x 3
S9 - Alien Avenger
(all CMF's are complete with accessories, display stand, booklet, even the Lego packing which were cut from top to check contents and mini figures were sealed in Ziploc bags, will be happy to do a 1 to 1 trade if possible)

- Collectible Mini figures I Want -
S4 - Musketeer
S4 - Hockey Player
S5 - Royal Guard
S6 - Sleepyhead
S6 - Roman Soldier x 4 or more
S10 - Roman Commander x 4 or more
S10 - Decorator
S10 - Tomahawk Warrior
S10 - Skydiver x 4 or more
S10 - Paintball Player x 4 or more
S10 - Sad Clown
S10 - Baseball Fielder
S10 - Motorcycle Mechanic

- Polybags - (For Trade)
#30086-1: Hidden Sword
#4648939-1: Gold Dice
#30081-1: Skeleton Chopper
#30210-1: Frodo with cooking corner
#30000-1: Medic's Car
#8028-1: Mini TIE-Fighter x 5
#30018-1: Police Microlight x 10
#30165-1: Hawkeye with Equipment x 2
#30163-1: Thor and the Cosmic Cube x 2
#30162-1: Quinjet x 5
#30160-1: Bat Jetski x 5
#30211-1: Uruk-hai with Ballista x 5
#5000063: TC-14 x 2
#30200: Zombie Chauffeur Coffin Car x 2
#30087: Car x 4
#30102: Olivia's Desk x 2
#30161: Batmobile x 3

- Polybags I Want -
#5000022-1: The Hulk
#30166-1: Robin and Redbird Cycle x 2
#30167-1: Iron Man vs. Fighting Drone x 2 or more
#5000062-1: Darth Maul
#5001623 Jor-El

- My Mini figure Want List -
Darth Malgus mini figure from #9500
Dr. Doom, Nova and Beetle from #76005
Magneto from #6866
Black Widow from #6869
Superman from #76002
General Zod from #76002
Aragorn, Haldir, King Theoden from #9474

- Keychain and other goodies - (open for offers for trade or sell)
#2851198-1: Luke Skywalker & Han Solo Adult Watch
#852689-1: LEGO Brick Sticky Notes
Lego Mini figure Key light x 3
#853101-1: Sensei Wu Key Chain x 6
#852506-1: Red Rock Monster Key Chain
#852836-1: Admiral Ackbar Key Chain
#852353-1: Ahsoka Key Chain x 2
#853430-1: Superman Key Chain x 2
#853429-1: Batman Key Chain x 3
#850355-1: Stromtrooper Key Chain x 3
#81087: Mini figure Speech Bubble
#3866 Battle of Hoth
#3860 Castle Fortraan (Used but complete)

- LEGO Books - (open for offers for trade or sell)
Lego Brickmaster Castle (Hardcover)
The LEGO Ideas Book - Unlock Your Imagination
Ninjago Character Encyclopedia (with mini figure)
DC Universe Super Heroes Batman Visual Dictionary (without mini figure)
DC Universe Super Heroes Batman Visual Dictionary (with mini figure)
LEGO Annual 2013

- Ninjago Spinners and Booster Packs - (open for offers for trade or sell)
#2173 Nuckal
#9564 Snappa
#9572 NRG Cole
#9569 Spitta
#9590 NRG Zane x 2
#2114 Chopov
#2115 Bonezai
#2116 Krazi
#9561 Kai ZX
#9567 Fang-Suei
#9562 Lasha x 2
#9570 NRG Jay x 2
#2171 Zane DX
#9555 Mezmo x 2
#9556 Bytar x 2
#9557 Lizaru x 2
#9554 Zane ZX

Please note this is my very first attempt in trying to trade like this on Brickset. Do PM me your offers :) Sorry for the long post.
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