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AFOL from Hudson Valley, NY

Hey everyone, my name is Sid, an AFOL from Rockland County, NY, in the Hudson Valley just north of New York City. Favorite themes are Classic Space, Star Wars, LOTR and Architecture (even though I don't own a single set of the latter). My middling attempt at a Lego-themed blog is at and I'm a member of I LUG NY ( Hope to meet some of you soon!


  • spacefan6901spacefan6901 Member Posts: 17
    Hi! Welcome to the site. I'm from Orange County NY just north of Rockland. Good to see there is somebody else on this side of the river. Some of my LEGO pics can be found here:
    Flikr sets
    I am too busy to do it these days but someday I WILL rebuild my Classic Space sets that are in storage.
  • murphquakemurphquake Member Posts: 651
    Wait a minute.... Sid you haven't been here the whole time? 0_o @brickplate is a great guy and an awesome builder! @spacefan6901 would love to see you at an I LUG NY meeting sometime. Check our website for locations, we have them on the 3rd saturday of each month at 11am for the most part.
  • spacefan6901spacefan6901 Member Posts: 17
    Thanks for the invite guys, but I've worked every Saturday for the last 5 years. If i get time I plan to dismantle those castle test builds and try again. And the minifig-scale space capsule idea I still kick around every so often in LDD but I'm not happy with anything I've come up with yet.
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