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FT: Various lego polyags (Need help from friends in US, Australia, Mexico)

stevenzhangstevenzhang Member Posts: 515
edited July 2013 in Marketplace
I am based in UK and looking for the recent Mcdonalds despicable me 2 toys. I really hope I could get a complete set of them as they are so cute! Many thanks in advance for anyone who would like to help!

I need:

Minion from US:

Dave Banana Babbler,
Stuart Blaster,
Purple Minion Giggling

Minion from Australia:

Carl Rocket Skateboard,
Jerry Breakdancing,
Purple Minion Babbler,
Stuart Light Up Grabber

Minion from Mexico and Brazil:

the one with lighttorch,
the purple one Lie sideway

Please send me a PM, if you are interested and happy to help out.

I have the following lego polybags for trade:

#30163 Thor and the Cosmic cube
#30165 Hawkeye with equipment
#30162 Quinjet
#30017 Police Boat
#30200 Zombie chauffeur coffin car
#30152 Mining Quad
#30085 Jumping Snakes
#30211 Uruk Hai with ballista
#30210 Frodo with cooking corner
#30160 Batman Jetski
#30087 Car
#30150 Racing Car
#30056 Star Destroyer
#30018 Police Microlight
#30010 Fire Chief
#30086 Hidden Sword
#30111 The Lab
#30121 Grem
#30130 Mini Black Pearl
#30083 Dragon Fight
#30230 Mini Mech,
#30231 Space Insectoid,
#30221 Fire Car,
#30150 Racing Car,
#30224 Ride on Lawn Mower,
#30225 Coast Guard Seaplane,
#30242 Republic Frigate,
#30254 Razcal’s Double-Crosser
#30213 Gandalf at Dol Guldur
#30183 Little Car


  • CupIsHalfEmptyCupIsHalfEmpty Member Posts: 545
    If you need any from Canada, let me know.
  • stevenzhangstevenzhang Member Posts: 515
    Many thanks, PM sent! @CupIsHalfEmpty
  • stevenzhangstevenzhang Member Posts: 515
    still looking! Many thanks in advance for anyone could help!
  • stevenzhangstevenzhang Member Posts: 515
    Just an update, I have now had some great brickset members in the US and Canada helping me with the US minions.

    But Iam still looking for the ones in Australia and Latin America. Anyone from Australia, New Zealand and Latin America ( Mexico, Brazil etc) who would like to help me, please send me a PM!

    Thanks you so much in advance!
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