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Moving... safe way to store and ship the collection?


Recently learned I will be moving from mid-atlantic to Alabama in approx 90 days. The collection will have to get packed (too large to go in 1 vehicle). It includes many (~100) assembled sets (some large UCS ones), many many minifigs, ~ 100 sets in boxes either waiting to be built or investments, a couple of modular buildings, and a number of the pirate ships.

A number of the MISB sets could be sold now, just not sure how to offload a large number of them in a short period of time without the pain of ebay?

Anyone been through a move and have suggestions or lessons learned about how to make sure the collection survives the transplant?

TY in advance for all the advice,




  • akunthitaakunthita USAMember Posts: 1,034
    I can't answer moving a whole collection as I have never done it, but I do know that for already built sets the best way to transport them is to wrap them in cellophane. This is what model-builders use when they transport their finished MOCs to shows. It works really well to make sure the model doesn't come apart, and even if something falls off it stay within the wraps. Wishing you the best with your moving!
  • juggles7juggles7 United StatesMember Posts: 452
    I may have to move hundreds of new, boxed sets cross-country. Box condition is important to me so I plan to put each set in its own box, labeling the box, of course. I'm going to use sturdy boxes I purchased online, so they can be stacked high and hopefully sustain some of the bumps they're bound to take on the ride.

    Then I would suggest bundling those boxes with twine or even taping them together, and lying them on their spine, finally securing them so they can't slide around in the truck. I expect some damage is going to occur, anyway.

    I wouldn't wrap a sealed box in cellophane. I've received a few wrapped this way from eBay sellers, and the boxes are always mashed or crushed as a result. Not sure whether the cellophane caused the crushing or if the boxes were already crushed. (Of course eBay is like amateur hour 24-7; I've received Lego sets that were crammed in to boxes that were smaller than the item the seller was forcing in to it!) Cellophane is great for protecting furniture, but I wouldn't use it with Lego sets. Just my opinion.
  • DevastatorDevastator Member Posts: 66
    Just curious if you can break down the sets back into their original boxes then get the larger cardboard boxes that they ship sets in from a Lego store, since sets seem to come in semi-regular sizes.
  • AFFOL_Shellz_BellzAFFOL_Shellz_Bellz Member Posts: 1,263
    Having worked as a claims agent for a moving company I will offer a couple of suggestions #1 Ask if the items are insured if you pack the boxes yourself. #2 make a detailed inventory of the sets you are shipping, make two (or more) copies, ask the movers to sign that they received the sets (two copies) and have them attach one copy to their inventory and you keep the other. Every page should be initialed as received. #3 Be aware that many moving companies pay claims based on weight not value. So if they pack your boxed Lego sets into a 'dish box' it won't matter how much that box weighs or what is in it - that box has an assigned weight based on it's size and if it is missing at destination you will be paid based on that assigned weight. If you are military talk to the proper person in charge of your move to find out if you can buy insurance based on value (doubtful) or what you can do to make sure your goods all reach your destination with the least amount of damage.
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