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(UK) Kempy's Clearout

kempy619kempy619 Member Posts: 75
So I need a clear out and make some room for other stuff, i'd rather sell it.
I have multiples of some so if you'd like more than 1 just let me know

All items are new and sealed unless otherwise stated.
Postage is not included in the price and will be added on afterwards depending on the country but I am willing to ship worldwide

Offers welcome

3300014 2012 Christmas Set - £12
41002 Friends Emma's Karate Class £5
41011 Friends Stephanie's Soccer Practice £5

Ninjago Spinners
9563 Kendo Zane - £4

Star Wars Darth Maul £4
Star Wars Darth Vader £4
Star Wars Yoda £4
Star Wars R2D2 £4
Star Wars Chewbacca £4
Monster Fighters Vampire £4

Magnets (New Style) - £5 each
DC Universe Super Heroes Batman
DC Universe Super Heroes Superman
Star Wars Darth Vader
Star Wars Chewbacca
Star Wars Stormtrooper
Star Wars Boba Fett
Star Wars Yoda
The Hobbit Bilbo
The Lord of the Rings Frodo

30152 City Mining Quad £2
30029 Creator Pudsey Bear £3
30161 DC Universe Super Heroes Batmobile £5
30106 Friends Ice Cream Stand £6
30110 Harry Potter Trolley £5
30111 Harry Potter The Lab £5
30162 Marvel Super Heroes Quinjet £3
30163 Marvel Super Heroes Thor and the Cosmic Cube £4
30165 Marvel Super Heroes Hawkeye with Equipment £4
30200 Monster Fighters Zombie Coffin Car £4
30085 Ninjago Jumping Snakes £3
20018 Star Wars Brickmaster AT AT Walker £14
20019 Star Wars Slave I £12
30050 Star Wars Republic Attack Shuttle £7
30053 Star Wars Venator Class Republic Attack Cruiser £3
30054 Star Wars AT-ST £4
30210 The Lord of the Rings Frodo with Cooking Corner £4
30211 The Lord of the Rings Uruk-hai with Ballista £4
5000202 The Lord of the Rings Elrond £15


Series 1
No.2 Cheerleader £11
No.6 Skater £11
No.7 Robot £10

Series 2
No.1 Mariachi £6
No.3 Spartan Warrior £15
No.4 Witch £6
No.6 Traffic Cop £4
No.8 Life Guard £4
No.10 Weightlifter £4
No.14 Karate Master £4

Series 3
No.2 Pilot £3
No.4 Samurai Warrior £4
No.7 Sumo £2
No.8 Mummy £3
No.10 Tennis Player £2
No.11 Race Car Driver £2
No.12 Gorilla Suit Guy £3
No.13 Space Alien £3
No.14 Hula Dancer £5
No.16 Baseball Player £3



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