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FT shields :)

ludzikludzik Member Posts: 429
As I’m working on building my troops for my historical builds, I’m somewhat frustrated with the plethora of various shields that I have…. Granted I don’t want all of my shields to be of one type, but I’m currently working with 15 different shields!!!! Ugh… and damn lego for introducing a new variation of a shields with the new castle series!!!!!

My goal at the moment is to somewhat unify my forces and have maybe 3 or 4 groups tops. I am planning to use the shield variations to identify different troops or assignments within the troops which gives me flexibility to have varied shields: for example my bad guys use and sigils – I figure they’re close enough to each other that they fit perfectly side by side.

I'm also potentially interested to trading for torsos with sigils/armor prints, armor, helms (especially need black ones!)

Anyways, to get to the point. What I'm looking to move (from the new castle series) is a set of 7 shields and two sticker sets. I'd prefer to move them as a set but I could be talked into separating them (keep in mind that I don't want to kill this with shipping costs)

I have five of
I have two of
I have two of

I also have the following
I have one of
I have three of

What am I looking for? Hmmm of interested to me are shields with dragon emblems on them:

I'm also very interested in the following:

I’m also interested in a few of these:, (actually interested in almost any ovoid shield that can come at a sizeable quantity )

I could still be tempted with a few of (pic is weird but it’s the shield from the evil knight)

Here's one that actually could go either way: could also use a couple of or I could trade 2 round ones and 1 ovoid of these for other ones that would be small round that would fit dwarves

I’m also tempted with

Anyways, hit me up if you have anything that you want to trade..... I"m located in SoCal US.
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