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JoshLouch: Looking for Input on how best to sell Original Bionicles

JoshLouchJoshLouch Member Posts: 1
edited June 2013 in Buying & Selling Topics
I am selling my collection of bionicles, and a few slizers, and am looking for some advise on where to sell them and whether to sell them individually or all together.
Alternatively, if anyone here would like to buy a number of them or would just like additional information then please post any comments or offers.

The collection:

8500 Torch
8505 Amazon
8506 Granite

10023 Master Builder Set
8531 Pohatu
8532 Onua
8533 Gali
8534 Tahu
8535 Lewa
8536 Kopaka
8550 Gahlok Va
8551 Kohrak Va
8552 Lehvak Va
8553 Pahrak Va
8554 Tahnok Va
8555 Nuhvok Va
8574 Tahnok kal
8566 Onua Nuva
8567 Lewa Nuva
8568 Pohatu Nuva
8570 Gali Nuva
8571 Kopaka Nuva
8572 Tahu Nuva
8587 Panrahk
8588 Kurahk
8589 Lerahk
8590 Guurahk
8591 Vorahk
8593 Makuta
8596 Takanuva and Ussanui
8611 Orkahm

Thanks in advance
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