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Collectable Minifig Dot Patterns

MayorOfNorthfieldMayorOfNorthfield Member Posts: 4
edited September 2011 in Collecting
Where on the collectable minifigure packages can one find the dot patterns that are supposed to identify the figure? The bar codes were easy to see, but I can't find any dots!


  • 12651265 Member Posts: 1,156
    edited July 2011
    The dots are located on the back of the package........the bottom part where they seal the package. The dot pattern is inconsistent. The pattern changes based on the batch numbers. It's best to use the feel method.....much faster with better results.
  • llanowarsoldierllanowarsoldier Member Posts: 357
    Yeah, the "dot method" seems to be unreliable for the most part IMO as of Series 4. In fact most that I bought of Series 4 you couldn't even see them. So feel them up and you'll be correct about 90% of the time what is in the package.
  • andheandhe Member Posts: 3,943
    They're not visible dots as such, more raised bumps (like braille) though are visible if viewed closely at the correct angle! I've found it better just feeling the pack, though did have a werewolf/ice skater confusion (stupid bone/ice skate!!) and gnome/skater confusion (stupid hat!!).
  • princedravenprincedraven Member Posts: 3,764
    I will have to agree with the others, gave up on bump patterns, almost impossible to see and not 100% consistant (imo).
    Feeling is the much better method, I have ended up with about 3 complete sets of Series 4 and they are all sealed and I am almost 100% certain of every one of them.
    I actually think feeling them is quicker in most cases, for example the Hazmat guys 'helmet' stands out so easy, saw one in a WHSmiths yesterday and within 2 seconds could tell it was him, you would be there for an age trying to see the bumps and comparing them to a list.
  • MayorOfNorthfieldMayorOfNorthfield Member Posts: 4
    Thanks. I'll try feeling them from now on.
  • allyburnsallyburns Member Posts: 62
    I thought I'd identified the Hazmat and the Musketeer but ended up with a scientist and a punk rocker!

    Was trying to use the bump codes so probably missed the 2 I was looking for based on the codes.

    Think I'll stick to feeling them, but the shop security usually wonder what's going on after you are in the same spot for 15 mins or more!!!

    princedraven, are you trading series 4 or just collecting multiples of series for the future?

  • princedravenprincedraven Member Posts: 3,764
    ^ not really sure, bought a shed load when they were launched with the idea of identifying the ones i want and taking the others back, but as I ended up with almost 3 complete sets i then picked up the remainders to make the set up.
    No real plans on what to do with them at the moment. 1 set is just for my son to play with but have 3 complete spare sets.
  • andheandhe Member Posts: 3,943
    ^ + ^^ I find myself picking up one everytime I go into my local tesco's. Mostly musketeers and others that can be harvested for parts. I guess also in a vain hope that series 5 will somehow be sped up by my purchasing :P My feeling has mostly been succesful, with only a couple of mistakes due to rushing! (got ANOTHER werewolf, was aiming for an ice-skater, and got skateboarder when aiming for another gnome).
  • BrickBugBrickBug Member Posts: 14
    I was aiming for a spartan warrior person, but ended up with a Egyptian Pharoah.
  • allyburnsallyburns Member Posts: 62
    Just found this bricklist, useful to help identify what you are after:

    Thanks Zackula!
  • sonsofscevasonsofsceva Member Posts: 542
    I used to try the dot method, but like others I found the feeling to be much easier, faster, and more reliable. I found a case in which every package was bumped for the Monster but had all sorts of series 4.
    BTW - This is how I got my wife into LEGO. She liked the challenge of figuring out what was in the packages, then became more interested in the sets. She hasn't built one yet but is interested in it. Perhaps the Toy Shop and Village Bakery near Advent.
  • MinifigsMeMinifigsMe Member Posts: 2,844
    Totally go for one of those sets. Although the toy shop is a tricky build (the roof is a bit fragile, so it depends if she's easily frustrated!)
    A set that is in 2 halves (2 books) is good - it's the only ones my hubby takes part in, eg MMV and the modulars.
  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,290
    edited July 2011
    I should probably mention this in the other discussion about "wives coming round", but my wife and I just built the Tower Bridge, and it's symmetrical nature made it perfect for a side-by-side two person build
  • slovakiastephslovakiasteph Member Posts: 62
    I bought my first minifig yesterday (after thinking I was above that hype!) ;) and found it very difficult just to feel... I wasn't very familiar with them, so found a round flat hat that might be an artist? Turned out to be the sailor which was fine with me!

    Now I can't wait to go back... think I'll use a combination of feeling and the bumps. I like a bit of excitement when opening the package, but there are a few figs I don't want.
  • achillespdxachillespdx Member Posts: 106
    ^When first starting the "feel" technique, look at the picture of the figures on the box and find a small, unique element in each one that you can be looking for. The artist has his paintbrush and palette, the sailor has his spyglass, etc. Then pick a figure you want to find and jiggle the bag a little to get the small pieces to fall to the bottom of the bag and initially feel for only that element. When you think you've found one, feel for another unique element of that figure (or the absence of it.) I hope this helps!
  • allyburnsallyburns Member Posts: 62
    Also, see this list:

    Each has a description on how to feel e.g.

    1. 8804: Lawn Gnome

    Look for the hat or the fishing pole. The hat feels kind of conic, but with a bent tip. You can feel the tip through the bag. The fishing pole is a thin pole. it is slightly longer and thinner than the Musketeer's sword. The string can also be felt by rubbing the package between your fingers and looking for a thin, fliexible piece. You will be able to tell if it is string.

    7. 8804: The Monster

    The Werewolf, Monster, and Soccer/Football Player all have similar feeling hair. Do not look for him by hair alone. This one does not have any accessories, so the best way to find him is through process of elimination. Once you feel his hair, make sure it does not have any other accessories.

    15. 8804: Ice Skater

    Be careful with her hair. It feels almost identical to the Kimono Girl's hair. Look for a pair of skates. They feel kind of like a reverse bone, with a thick part in the middle and two thin parts on the ends.

  • slovakiastephslovakiasteph Member Posts: 62
    @achillespdx, thanks for the tips.

    @allyburns, I just ran across that article yesterday! Very helpful as well. Do you know if there's one like that for Series 3? (my grocery store still has a few)

    Now I get to stand around in the store feeling up little orange packets. Fun. :D
  • NeilJamNeilJam Member Posts: 272
    edited July 2011
    Contrary to the suggestions above, I think you could find the (Frankenstein's) Monster by hair alone since it is flat on top.
  • allyburnsallyburns Member Posts: 62


    I finally completed my series 4 collection by finding the Musketeer (felt his hat). It was literally the last one I checked in a box of 60! I must have missed some though, as there would be more than 1 per box.

    I felt compelled to buy every Hazmat guy I felt, I think he's my favourite. Still need 4 more of series 2 though, would rather trade than pay the ridiculous prices sneaky retailers are charging. Makes me see now why removing the barcodes was a good idea - so retailers can't as easily identify them!

    Also, if you get some doubles, add yourself to the trading spreadsheet!

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