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Selling on Bricklink

StormsworderStormsworder Member Posts: 107
edited July 2011 in Buying & Selling Topics
How many people buy sets on Bricklink? I ask because I previously had sets for sale there but only a few of them ever sold. Perhaps the prices were too high, but on the other hand I don't want to go giving Lego sets away. But the listing fees on e-bay seem to have gone up by about 150% just recently and they seem to have gone completely mad regarding the buy-it-now price (you now have to either set the start-bidding price so low you're more or less giving it away or make the buy-it-now price so high nobody will buy it).


  • davee123davee123 USAMember Posts: 814
    Depends on the set, the price, your reputation, and your splash page-- but don't expect a lot of turnover in your for-sale inventory. Buyers will ravage the old, rare, MISB, cheap sets first. So if your set isn't rare, old, MISB, or cheap (or some combination), your set will probably just sit there for quite a while before selling.

    If you're eager to get rid of inventory, eBay is the way to go. You may get a poor sale price, but you're a lot more likely to actually achieve a sale in an auction, so long as you don't set your expectations too high with your reserve or starting price.

    If you're not in a hurry, BrickLink's a better bet. You'll get more money (usually), but it'll take months or years to sell anything-- and you still may need to drop your prices to encourage a sale.

    For the record, you can look at how many copies of sets sell on BrickLink to gauge how well a set is selling. For instance, 8160:

    There's one where a lot of people have them for sale (32 different sellers with 72 copies, plus 2 used copies), but the number sold in the last 6 months is only 22. That means that assuming no new sets are added and the demand were constant, it would take nearly 1 year and 8 months to eventually sell them all. But realistically, for that particular set, demand is probably likely to go down, and more copies will likely surface, making it even longer.

    So, check out the sets you have, see how your price compares to the "last 6 month sales", and see the frequency with which each set is selling. Some sets are really hot (like, say, 7676), and will sell quickly-- and others just are very slow to move.

  • kylejohnson11kylejohnson11 Member Posts: 508
    @DaveE You had mentioned Spalsh Pages being a draw; do you have an examples of BrickLink stores that have a really good spash page?

  • bluelion3bluelion3 Member Posts: 156
    I have bought a few sets from Bricklink. Price is the key factor. I think sorting the available items by price is the default, so you will always see the lower priced items first. If you are only buying one set, you will typically choose based on lowest price. If you are buying a few sets or a set and some parts, you might look for a seller who can provide multiple items in one order rather than making orders to multiple sellers. If you buy multiple items, you might be willing to pay more than the lowest price, but the lowest price usually gets the sale.

    I try to find deals on eBay that are lower than the lowest price on BL. My impression is that there are sellers on eBay willing to sell for less than retail price, but not on BL.
  • davee123davee123 USAMember Posts: 814
    I would guess it's more like the Splash page being a negative influence, the same as your reputation/feedback. If (say), you have a really sparse splash page with unclear or incomplete information regarding shipping costs, Paypal fees, LEGO condition, etc, then people may be nervous about buying from you.

    The common things buyers often do before buying from you are:

    1) Look at your feedback. Nobody really cares all that much about your positive feedback-- they may read a few token entries, but generally they'll go straight to the negative and neutral feedback to see what types of problems you've had. If you look sketchy, they'll be more cautious, and might abandon their order.

    2) Look at the price catalog to see how your price compares to other sellers' prices.

    3) Look at your splash page. Again, they're not really looking to get encouragement to buy, but rather to see if there are any red flags that might indicate that they should avoid you. Have a look at other people's splash pages (especially from some of the larger stores) to see all the sorts of information that it's useful to note on your splash page.

    Of course, not all buyers do that-- many just quickly buy without checking up on you. But your feedback and splash page are where they'll often go to investigate.

  • MCNwakeboardMCNwakeboard VirginiaMember Posts: 315
    I've sold some sets on Bricklink but like Dave mentioned above, the turnover can be quite low. A lot of online stores offer free shipping, so it often makes sense for a buyer to purchase from retailers(amazon/toysrus) instead of Bricklink sellers. I've found that the sets that go fast are either really new or out of production.

    A big factor in buying a new set is how the shipping costs are calculated. I would recommend putting your estimated shipping costs in the description.
  • gtg905sgtg905s Member Posts: 29
    edited July 2011
    For the record, you can look at how many copies of sets sell on BrickLink to gauge how well a set is selling. For instance, 8160:
    The only thing I don't like about the page, is you can't see the description, so you don't know how badly some sets were used or missing pieces or no box etc...
    Same with new. Someone could be selling damaged boxed new sets.

    It is the best price guide I have seen of Lego though!
  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO Chicagoland USMember Posts: 10,122
    Also if yo do sell on BL (Like I think Davee123 eluded to in another thread) remember that most BL'ers can be picky.. so if your item is used you better make darn sure you list any issues with the item.
  • ErnstErnst Member Posts: 133
    I think Bricklink is a good sellingplace for the more rare and expensive sets. And if you want a set that is neccesary to complete a collection. I use the site for completing sets if I need some missing parts or instructions. If you want to sell valueable sets and are not in a hurry to sell, Bricklink is a good place to offer it, for the regular "fast-movers" you better use E-bay or sites like that.
  • Brewer51Brewer51 Member Posts: 248
    edited March 2012
    Hey guys; this is going to sound like a really simple question, but here goes.

    I'm thinking of starting up as a seller on BL, but I'm unsure as to whether to dive in or not because of my incredibly limited knowledge of the postal service; so I was wondering

    a) What the process actually is at the Post Office; do you merely go in, with your package and have it weighed, or do some of you know the price of shipping before you actually send it?
    b) What packaging methods you use; for example, where can I get hold of jiffy bags? What do you use for larger items?

    Sorry if these seem like ridiculous questions; but thanks!
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 19,674
    Jiffy bags - post office (expensive), poundland (cheaper), or bulk online (cheapest).

    Weight the item before going, and look up the price online (

    For larger orders, you can buy boxes, although I use old shoe boxes, or other boxes into which the Lego boxes / pieces fit. I also keep those air filled pillows that you often get in parcels from amazon to fill any voids.
  • AvengerDrAvengerDr Member Posts: 453
    Have a look at you can get quotes from different couriers there, provided that you have the box dimensions and weight ready. They are way cheaper than royal mail.
  • krank1973krank1973 Member Posts: 17
    Babz media on Ebay is great for little plastic bags & Bubble mailers - half the price of my local office supplies shop. Use the postage calculator on royal & download the postal prices list.

    It is also useful to get a piece of cardboard with the dimensions slots that the PO use to calculate large letter / small packets for your smaller orders.

    Also a good weighing scale so you can count parts by weight not piece is useful.



    (My Affliction - Store name on BL)
  • Brewer51Brewer51 Member Posts: 248
    Thanks guys! That sorts it out for when I went to start up.


    I think I've ordered from you before. I believe it was my Spartan Warrior, the pride of my CMF collection!
  • legirllegirl Member Posts: 105
    It's worth keeping an eye open at Asda for jiffy bags, they often have multipacks or packs of 4 for £1 - if you buy them one at a time they are around £1 each
  • MatthewMatthew Cheshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 3,735
    edited March 2012
  • ChompersChompers Member Posts: 658
    You can't beat RM for up to 1kg (total package weight) IMHO they are also very well priced for Airmail packages to Europe. Make sure you always get proof of posting at the PO.

    Another good thing to do is to use the RM Postage option through Paypal. After your buyer pays through PP the their delivery details are all there ready to go all you need to do is input the weight / package size and off you got :)
  • mcvitiemcvitie Sheffield, EnglandMember Posts: 292
    An obvious question but what do you guys put as the contents on a customs label when posting overseas? Is simply 'LEGO' sufficient?
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 19,674
    I sometimes just put TOY
  • mountebankmountebank Member Posts: 1,237
    edited March 2012
    Just bear in mind that if you don't use an additional box and post a set wrapped in bubblewrap and then wrapped in wrapping paper, the recipient can receive a parcel that looks like it's been run over by a steamroller.
  • DaddyDeuceDaddyDeuce Member Posts: 272
    I usually write "construction toy" on the declaration, but I'm thinking of switching to "plastic toy" as I think that better matches the category the customs inspector needs to put it in.
  • trfislegomadtrfislegomad Member Posts: 1
    edited May 2012

    Is there a way to part out one of the Lego games that can be bought? When I use the set number, it does not appear to be in the catalogue or any where else.


  • AvengerDrAvengerDr Member Posts: 453
    You have to select the "gear" category.
  • berniebondberniebond AustriaMember Posts: 137
    edited May 2012
    Bricklink: Can you "un-part" a set?

    For example I have about 5 copies of a set and list them parted out, but keeping them sealed. Is there a function to put the parts of this particular set back together (and out of my parts inventory) in case I sell a sealed set?

    thanks for your help
  • DadsAFOLDadsAFOL USAMember Posts: 617
    Yes, part out quantity of -1. See:

    However, it sounds like your parts from sealed sets would be in your stockroom. If you run a store you may have the same parts in a different lot for sale. The reverse part out may match both lots, so you will have to look carefully at the review page before submitting.
  • OliverBanksOliverBanks Member Posts: 32
    edited May 2012

    I hope this is the right section...

    I'm trying to put my entire Bricklink inventory on sale. I've selected all the categories, and put in the "Put items on _ % off sale" box the amount I would like. However, when I submit the form to update my inventory, nothing happens. I'm just wondering if I am doing anything wrong/missing something?

  • MatthewMatthew Cheshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 3,735
    It's a known bug. That button only works in IE, no idea why Eric hasn't fixed it...
  • OliverBanksOliverBanks Member Posts: 32
    It's a known bug. That button only works in IE, no idea why Eric hasn't fixed it...
    Ahh right, will have to find a Windows PC to do it from then. Thanks :)

  • LovaqueroLovaquero Member Posts: 23
    ^ To add to this: Specifically look at the 'Undo' section 2/3 of the way down the page.

    This is a VERY handy feature that isn't mentioned enough on BL. It has saved me many hours of work from typo's and overzealous button mashing...
  • insanityrocksinsanityrocks Member Posts: 77
    I've decided to set up a very small bricklink store to get rid of some minifigs and bits and pieces that i'm no longer interested in, i've managed to get most of my figs etc up on the site (took way longer than i would have thought) and i'm just wondering if people have any sort of advice for selling on brick link?

    i find navigation of the site pretty difficult and its not at all user friendly but now my stuff is up for sale i guess the hard part is done

    just in regards to CMF's if they are open but come with all the parts and baseplates would they be classed as new or used obviously it will effect the price of the items so i want to make sure i'm listing correctly
  • insanityrocksinsanityrocks Member Posts: 77
    also is it against the rules to put a link to my bricklink store on here?
  • BrickarmorBrickarmor USAMember Posts: 1,257
    I believe the distinction used for CMF if merely opened is New Complete rather than New Sealed. Also be sure you list correctly according to whether you have the set and accessories or just the minifig. Once you get the feel for navigating the site it is much less onerous, I think some of the awkwardness comes from trying to make everything possible without overhauling the original framework. You really can do most anything you want on the site, it's just a matter of figuring out how!

    You can link your store here, just not everyday. :-)
  • alexwilalexwil UKMember Posts: 375
    If they have been opened and built then they should be classed as used, if they were opened just to see which figure it is (ie NOT built) then it can definitely be classed as new!

    Also as brickarmor said make sure you have cmfs listed correctly as it confuses a lot of people who think they are getting the complete set when they've only ordered a figure!!

    Bricklink gets a lot easier to navigate the more you use it!!
  • graphitegraphite USMember Posts: 3,270
    ^ even having them marked as 'new sealed' confuses people as to whether they come with accessories or not. I've had multiple people ask that question and all of mine are sealed.
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 19,674
    Regarding CMFs, if it is the complete set (ie. it includes all accessories, baseplate, leaflet) it should be under sets. If it is just the figure, it should be in minifigs and shouldn't come with extra parts, accessories, baseplates, etc.

    I hate it when people put complete sets under minifigs. It distorts the price guide and it means other people get confused about what a minifig might come with. The minifig listings should just be minifigs, not extra accessories.

  • legoprodslegoprods SpainMember Posts: 445
    Also on the site navigation and selling... try Brickstore!

    I really can't stop recommending it, because I wouldn't imagine putting all my used parts for sale without it, one by one. Just impossible!

    Here you go:

    Stay with the Price Guide, and maybe lower than the Avg (my parts are set a bit under the avg price, and I'm currently getting 2/3 orders a day).
  • graphitegraphite USMember Posts: 3,270
    CCC said:

    Regarding CMFs, if it is the complete set (ie. it includes all accessories, baseplate, leaflet) it should be under sets. If it is just the figure, it should be in minifigs and shouldn't come with extra parts, accessories, baseplates, etc.

    I hate it when people put complete sets under minifigs. It distorts the price guide and it means other people get confused about what a minifig might come with. The minifig listings should just be minifigs, not extra accessories.

    That is good to know. I didn't even know they were listed under sets. Will be updating my inventory tonight.
  • HuwHuw Brickset Towers, Hampshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 6,893
    ^OP, no not against the rules.
  • etcknightetcknight Member Posts: 0

    I'm starting up a Bricklink store, and trying to figure out the best way to organize, upload, and price my inventory. So far, "Brickstore" seem the best to organize and upload - if I can purchase the license. But, pricing each part individually takes a lot of time, and I'm not sure how to keep the pricing up-to-date without having to go through each item one at a time. Any suggestions for a Bricklink newbie? Thank you.
  • DadsAFOLDadsAFOL USAMember Posts: 617
    You can select multiple or all rows in BrickStore, then click the "=" symbol to update all prices at once.
  • Bluefox1966Bluefox1966 UKMember Posts: 360
    I really am having trouble getting my head around how to start a "for sale" inventory on Bricklink does anyone have a guide? I have a shop page but can't work out how to fill its parts list. I haven't a clue what to do. Is it easy or and I really dumb?
  • BrickDancerBrickDancer Dunes of TatooineMember Posts: 3,639
    edited April 2013
    Pull up an item under Catalog. Then under the For Sale field, there is a small link to 'Add to Inventory'. That's the easiest way, but the folder tab in 'My Inventory' will allow for faster additions in bulk once you get the hang of it. Good Luck!
  • emilewskiemilewski CT, USAMember Posts: 476
    There are different ways to go about it, but click on the "Sell" tab, "Sell Item" sub-tab. Then select "Sets", "Parts", "minifigs", etc and click Submit button. Enter part number or set number (sets typically with a -1 at the end). Enter quantity and price and condition (and color for parts). Repeat for everything you want to sell.

    You can also search catalog for the set/part/etc, then "add to your inventory".

    If you have a lot of parts, you can manually enter into brickstore (a free shareware app) and upload the inventory after you create it offline.

    If you have a set you want to part out to sell the pieces of, then "Sell" tab, "Part Set" sub-tab, enter set number and any other settings and do that.

  • Bluefox1966Bluefox1966 UKMember Posts: 360
    ^ and ^^ Thanks Guys I'll give it a go.
  • graphitegraphite USMember Posts: 3,270
    If you have a lot of parts to add Brickstore is definitely the way to go. With the "add items" dialog open in BS you can just add all the parts to your list and modify prices/quantities after adding them all or add with price/qty when adding. Also the filters in BS to find the parts you're looking for if you don't know the number are a lot better than searching on Bricklink.
  • akunthitaakunthita USAMember Posts: 1,038
    If you are selling parts from a set, the easiest thing to do is to go to the set and part it out into your inventory. Don't worry; you will have a chance to edit before uploading. So if you are keeping some of the parts/minifigs/etc. for yourself, you can just tick those off.
  • graphitegraphite USMember Posts: 3,270
    ^ You can also do the set parting out from Brickstore since it has an import option to get a set inventory from Bricklink.
  • Bluefox1966Bluefox1966 UKMember Posts: 360
    Thanks again everyone, I was having problems with the part numbers and colours. I think I've worked it out now and have one item listed. Only another 3000 kgs to go :-)
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