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Cant access BrickLink though NMCI anymore.

ecmo47ecmo47 North CarolinaMember Posts: 2,101
Ever since Bricklink was sold and the server moved, I can’t access Bricklink through my work computer which is managed by NMCI. The message that comes up is "server cannot be found" and not "this site is forbidden". I did call their tech support that they could not figure out why it could not be accessed but did say that they have been having proxy server issues at the time. Anybody else in the same boat?


  • Dread_PirateDread_Pirate Member Posts: 184
    NMCI? Navy Marine Corps Internet? If so good luck with getting them to open this up in the proxy. They are of the mind that if it is not news, or military related it is not needed so you dont need it. I am so glad I dont have to deal with them anymore.

  • graphitegraphite USMember Posts: 3,262
    Well like you said the server moved so the DNS changed. If the DNS servers your host/work is using hasn't updated then it would do what you're saying. is the ip it should be now. If you're using windows do 'nslookup' at a command line to see if it is the same.
  • ecmo47ecmo47 North CarolinaMember Posts: 2,101
    edited June 2013
    ^ Thanks! I'll give that a shot at lunch time today and let you know if that works.

    ^^Yes. NMCI is not quite a restrictive as it used to be. It will allow Facebook and Utube although they are dreadfully slow so are almost unusable. Can do most shopping sites but anything with a blog or forum is blocked.
  • Dread_PirateDread_Pirate Member Posts: 184
    When I was in the Navy we had access to YouTube and most streaming services... Facebook was not around mainstreem yet and MySpace still ruled the net. It was slow compaired to what I had at home but it was 10x faster than what was there before they came in. When I was stationed on the USS Truman we still had the Spawar (or however is was spelled) system and it was too slow to even get your e-mail. It really made me want NMCI back!
  • ecmo47ecmo47 North CarolinaMember Posts: 2,101
    Graphite - No joy on accessing the website. It did recognize that the server was now located in Hong Kong. Maybe it doesn’t like the new foreign aspect. What’s the big deal with using a Gov’t computer to access a server located in China? :-0

    Dread - You are dating yourself! When I first checked into the squadron, we had 2 computers and Bayan email was a novelty. Now look at our dependency on electronic forms of communication! I retired after 20 year in the USMC and now work a GS position. I think that DON is going to dump NMCI but I doubt the replacement will be any better.
  • Dread_PirateDread_Pirate Member Posts: 184
    Enterprise is a HUGE step up compaired to NMCI. I work for the Army right now and we are already using it. The west coast bases are going to be the first to switch over and some are already starting.
  • Dread_PirateDread_Pirate Member Posts: 184

    I agree with your dependance on computers. When the Dr.s here cant access the computers I think they forget all about medical school. One even asked me how he was going to take his notes and treat his patients. Well I handed him a piece of paper and a pen and said here take notes, and your medical school training will work for the treatement. After becoming an IT professional I have pretty much stopped using computers at home. I deal with them for 8 hours a day for a living and I want to get off the screen and enjoy life when I am not at work. That is just me tho.
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