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A typical intro from your typical newcomer

ArchOnua85ArchOnua85 Québec, CanadaMember Posts: 2
edited January 7 in Introduce yourself
So greetings, ladies, gentlemen and whatever is between, this is ArchOnua85.

Typical of most kids, I grew up with a number of bionicle sets. Barrakis, glatorians, bionicle stars etc ... unfortunately, none of them survived as some of the parts broke.

Now, I was in Brickset since quite a handful of years, but after writing terrible reviews that makes me so regretful, I went on a hiatus that lasted a number of years, then came back and wrote much better reviews, only for another hiatus that also lasted a few years. So why am I back once again?

Well, I now picked up once again interest in legos at 21 years old, but for different reasons. You see, not long after starting to invest in sim racing, it was thought it would be a good idea to also improve the look of my bedroom as I saw a couple of sim racing enthusiasts owning various lego sets that complement their bedrooms really well. Basically, I am now interested into buying lego sets as display pieces.

This means I plan to sell my 2015 Lego Bionicle sets, as well as the Mindstorm EV3 because I am no longer interested in robotic like I used to. I'll keep the 2 bionicle sets from 2004-2005 as collectibles, as well as others that I deem worthy of ownership like the Delorean DMC-12, Nanoblocks Yamato/Empire State Building and the spaceship from the Lego Movie, but overall I am selling the rest and use the cash I make from doing so to buy some really nice lego sets like the Lamborghini Gallardo from Lego Racers, or the more recent replica of the Lamborghini Sian.


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