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Chase McCain minifig from TRU

iancam33iancam33 Member Posts: 407
Has anyone purchased this minifig from TRU? If so, is it the same as the minifig given away from S@H. The reason I ask is because the part number from TRU does not match up with the number on brickset.


  • ludzikludzik Member Posts: 429
    I thought that the only chase came from target....
  • Russell844Russell844 Member Posts: 2,482
    He was available from Game Stop too.
  • RykeerRykeer Member Posts: 35
    I picked up a couple from TRU's eBay store a couple months ago. Had a card attached regarding it being for reservation if I remember right.
  • ludzikludzik Member Posts: 429
    Ok, that sounds just like the ones from Target.
  • PoochyPoochy Member Posts: 479
    ^ I thought that was a TG exclusive (if there's a such a thing for pre-order discount card)?
  • jhuntin1jhuntin1 Member Posts: 53
    If it was, it was for a short time. I've seen them at Best Buy as well as Toys r Us.
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