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City Grand Prix Truck

fullycompletelyfullycompletely Member Posts: 20
edited June 2013 in Collecting
Anyone see this in US stores yet? My kid really wants this one.


  • jhuntin1jhuntin1 Member Posts: 53
    It wasn't at the LEGO store in Indianapolis today. They had the coast guard sets and the new Lord of the Rings sets (except the pirate corsair, an employee said that was delayed), but not the racing sets.
  • atxleeatxlee Member Posts: 155
    I am waiting for this to be available as well
  • llanowarsoldierllanowarsoldier Member Posts: 357
    I was told that the Cargo sets, the 2 City transports(Grand Prix and Monster Truck) and Town Square are late summer releases if not fall releases.
  • fullycompletelyfullycompletely Member Posts: 20
    Wasn't in chicago either. Got the horizon instead. Nice long build.
  • aid_77aid_77 Member Posts: 229
    If you really want it best bet is the lego store website, was showing along with all other new sets last night so should be on US one as well
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