Galaxy Squad sets avialable in The Netherlands at at a discount!

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Hi all fellow Lego fans!

Since I don't know who best to mail, to get this news across to all other Lego fans; @huw or some other Brickset staff member, I decided to post it on the forum.

At, a huge Dutch webshop, the following four out of five Galaxy Squad sets are available at a nice discount. Meaning: you pay significantly less than you would if you order them from [email protected] in the Netherlands (sorry TLG, but this everyone has to know I think, as we can all only spend our money once) or buy them from most if not all retailers in the country. This is also good news for all Lego fans from Belgium, as also delivers (if I am not mistaken?!) anything for free over €20 south of the border, and within 24 hours too. Just to be sure I checked, but unfortunately for people from other countries besides Belgium, does not ship Lego to destinations outside of NL & B.

#70701 for €15,99 instead of €19,99
#70702 for €24,99 instead of €29,99
#70704 for €44,99 instead of €54,99
#70705 for €64,99 instead of €79,99

I'd say that is pretty pretty pretty good, eh!
At least I thought so. Hence I bought a couple of the sets they have on special offer.

The new space theme Galaxy Squad is absolutely jaw dislocatingly wicked!
(Huge WOW factor)


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    Oooh when you read this and you have the funds to buy the sets, and you want to get them, don't wait too long.

    I've noticed in the past with another set I bought at, that they offer them first at a discount, and then after a number of weeks raise the price to a point above that of [email protected] I have not idea about the reason or logic behind this, but I would not be surprised if this also will happen with these particular sets.

    So go for it if you like them.

    In case anyone is wondering I am not in any way affiliated with this webshop.
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