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Trying to complete CMF collection - lots to trade!!!

scarecrow2400scarecrow2400 Member Posts: 99
Hey, everybody! I'm looking to try and complete my collection of CMF's and a few other odds and ends I've been looking for, so I thought I'd reach out to you for help! Here is what I need -

All S1
S3 Elf
S4 Kimono Girl
S4 Musketeer
S4 Hockey Player
S5 Graduate
S8 Businessman
S10 Grandpa
S10 Sea Captain

Killer Croc
Monster Fighters Ghost Poly
Galaxy Squad insects
Santa Maul
Shirtless Maul
Lex Luthor poly

And here is what I have to offer in return

S2 Life Guard x 1
S2 Maraca Man (no legs)
S2 Ringmaster

S3 Pilot
S3 Space Villian x2
S3 Race Car Driver x2
S3 Fisherman x2
S3 Gorilla Suit Guy
S3 Space Alien

S4 Surfer Girl

S5 Royal Guard
S5 Lizard Man
S5 Zookeeper x6
S5 Cave Woman x3
S5 Lumberjack
S5 Small Clown x4
S5 Fitness Instructor x2
S5 Detective
S5 Boxer x2
S5 Egyptian Queen
S5 Snowboarder Guy x2

S6 Classic Alien
S6 Lady Liberty
S6 Bandit
S6 Leprechaun
S6 Surgeon
S6 Mechanic
S6 Intergalactic Girl
S6 Butcher x2

S7 Swimming Champion x2
S7 Bride x2
S7 Ocean King
S7 Bagpiper x2
S7 Daredevil
S7 Galaxy Patrol x2
S7 Tennis Ace
S7 Jungle Boy x4
S7 Hippie x6
S7 Computer Programmer
S7 Viking Woman x3
S7 Grandma Visitor

S8 Evil Robot x4
S8 Lederhosen Guy x2
S8 Cowgirl x6
S8 Football Player x3
S8 Diver x2
S8 Downhill Skier x2
S8 Fairy x4
S8 Santa x2
S8 Red Cheerleader x8
S8 DJ x6
S8 Actor x2
S8 Pirate Captain x6
S8 Space Villainess

S9 Waiter x2
S9 Roman Emperor x4
S9 Policeman x8
S9 Chicken Suit Guy
S9 Roller Derby Girl
S9 Judge x4
S9 Alien Avenger
S9 Mermaid
S9 Battle Mech
S9 Mr. Good & Evil
S9 Forest Maiden

S10 Warrior Woman x 2
S10 Bumblebee Girl
S10 Paintball Player
S10 Sad Clown
S10 Revolutionary Soldier
S10 Baseball Fielder x2
S10 Motorcycle Mechanic x2

Located in the US but willing to trade almost anywhere as long as we can work a deal on shipping. PM me with offers. Thanks for looking!


  • scarecrow2400scarecrow2400 Member Posts: 99
    Update - S/8 Football players are gone and I no longer need the S/10 Grandpa or S/10 Sailor.
  • scarecrow2400scarecrow2400 Member Posts: 99
    Update - also have for trade a #9497 Republic striker-class starfighter, open no box complete with minifigs only built once.
  • scarecrow2400scarecrow2400 Member Posts: 99
    Bump for update - one of the S3 Space Villains is gone and I no longer need the Elf. Everything else still available - willing to trade multiple figs for any of the Batman figs on my list, also have lots of older SW (no UCS) sets I would be willing to part with for those figs on my want list, PM offers or inquiries for more information.
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