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Better method to clean Road baseplates

I don't think if I have discussed this in past but I am looking for a way to clean my old road baseplates I have collected in the 90's. They have gotten a bit dull staying inside storage. Any tips to get them cleaned without risking removing the road signs?


  • pricey73pricey73 Member Posts: 352
    edited May 2013
    A bowlful of hot soapy water then get a soft (NEW) toothbrush or kitchen brush, the rest is pretty much self explanatory.
    Then leave on the drainer.
  • GuroooGurooo Member Posts: 268
    ...or use #7242. :P
  • CoolsplashCoolsplash Member Posts: 935
    @pricey73, I tried something drastic and it kinda rubbed some paint off the baseplate, which will be good to clean the mini figure prints :) but I will be try to hot soapy water trick as well...thank you!

  • pricey73pricey73 Member Posts: 352
    edited May 2013
    No problem, pleased to be of some assistance.
    Maybe add a little bit of stardrops all round cleaner, so it's not too harsh.
  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,526
    What did you use which cleaned off the prints?
  • CoolsplashCoolsplash Member Posts: 935
    Well, it was alcohol swab :( I know it was silly to do so but I have been looking for a better less risky way to clean the prints of Lego bricks mainly for mini figures. And I did learn from Google to use some sort of Brass polish for mini figures but cannot find that kinda polish over here.
  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,526
    I use a very dilute (about 5%) acetone solution. Put a couple of drips on a soft paper towel, place on a flat surface, and rub the torso print side down on the towel over the damp spot. Repeat until print is removed. You can of course use stronger solution, but you risk damaging the surface, leaving permanent streaks where the plastic "melts".
  • CoolsplashCoolsplash Member Posts: 935
    Hmmm....I will try that too @CCC, thanks for the tip! For my experiment I will check today about how the plastic got effected but I doubt there is permanent damage...though its looks funny how the green line on the road baseplate is missing some paint :P we need to call the road works soon!

  • indigoboxindigobox Member Posts: 470
    I found the best way to clean the grime and dirt of sets was to get warm water and dissolve washing powder in it. I think I added some Ariel Stain Remover as well.

    Then put the dirty LEGO into the water and weigh it down as it floats :)

    I did mine for about 3 to 4 hours and came back and used a soft brush to clean. I then rinsed with warm clean water and left to dry. Not only was it clean but it smelt pretty good too :)
  • CoolsplashCoolsplash Member Posts: 935
    Warm water, check!
    Washing powder, check!
    Ariel Stain Remover/some other stain remover, check!

    But I hope it cleans as the road baseplates are oldddd....and turning yellowish on the corners as well...
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