deleting a posting that wasn't quite finished

ame_uwagiame_uwagi Bolton, UKMember Posts: 41
I was typing the text for ... 'YorBrix dispaly of LWE' ... when 'click-click' and it was posted before I had finished editing it!

I have redone the entry as I intended it to be so is there someway it can be removed (by me or an administrator)?


  • JosephJoseph Member Posts: 651
    Only mods and admins can delete posts/threads (I'm sure one will be along shortly to do that for you).
    For future reference though, you can edit threads for 6 minutes after posting; just click the little gear (on the right of the thread title) and select edit.
  • ame_uwagiame_uwagi Bolton, UKMember Posts: 41
    Ah, thanks.

    I immediately looked around the page and it is then that I realised that there are lots of bits and bobs - some make no sense at all (to an internet buffoon).

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