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Chipmunkian: Late starter to LEGO

ChipmunkianChipmunkian Member Posts: 7
edited June 2011 in Introduce yourself
Borrowing the format from prof,

Name: Martin
Age: 47
Location: 20 miles east of Los Angeles
Profession: Water Quality Chemist
Years Collecting: 1986-1989, 2009-present
Total Sets in Collection: about 150
Favorite Past Themes: Castle, Pirates, Town
Favorite Present Themes: Castle/Kingdom, Modular, City, Creator; The Kids like Atlantis, Pharaoh's Quest
Non-Lego Interests: Stamp collecting, reading, playing basketball, gaming

I did not buy/get my first LEGO set until I was a senior at UCLA. I had my school finaces well in hand and had a great student job, leaving me with disposable income. I really love the castle that my friend had and started to buy the various castles, with the Forestmen being my favorites. In fact, my biggest desire is to get the Forestmen Crossing, somehow I missed that one. Real life got in the way, and I drifted away from buying LEGO. Fast forward to 2004, wandering around in Toys 'R Us, say some pretty cool looking LEGO, including STAR WARS, but I had to get toys for my 4 year old daughter. Someone had gotten here the DUPLO Hippo LEGO set, but she was not interested, but interestingly enough, she liked watching Star Wars (all of them). Finally about two or three years ago, I decided I had to get the 7658 Y-Wing, it was my favorite craft in Star Wars. I got a good price on eBay (less than retail, including shipping) when my daughter (now 8) decide that she wanted to build Star Wars LEGO. Now my 6 year old son and my 11 year old daughter love to build and play with Atlantis and Pharaoh's Quest LEGO. I still get to build my Creator houses, Castle/Kingdom, and now Modular sets.

My Luckiest purchase: City Corner. I had visited the LEGO store in Glendale and loved the Modulars. I walked out with Green Grocer, because sadly, Corner Cafe was out of production. I didn't want to pay the then massively high price of $250 on eBay for CC, so I accepted the fact that I will not get one. A few weeks later, I was in Walmart, and low and behold, there was a Corner Cafe on the shelf, right on top of a Grand Carousel. The Cafe was my at last! I would have gone the Carousel also, but the box was opened and I did not want to deal with missing parts.

Sorry for my long rambling story.


  • winter_zombiewinter_zombie Banned Posts: 54
    im winter zombie (ben)
    welcome to the brickset forum

    im from the u.k

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