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EXPIRED: [USA] Target: New Clearance Items 30-75% off



  • Mars_Needs_LEGOMars_Needs_LEGO Member Posts: 23
    edited August 2011
    One of the annoying things about Target is that they don't always give you that five cents off when you don't use a bag. Hardly ever.
    Technically, the five-cents-off only applies if you're using a recycled shopping bag. But you're allowed to ask the cashier if the nickel-off has been applied. I work at a Target, and I *always* ask. :)

    Incidentally, my store had three Slave I's make it to 75% off. I was lucky enough to get two of 'em. (After I had finished for the day and clocked out, natch.)
  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,290
    @Mars_Needs_LEGO: Is there any chance you can demystify this:
    "I'm also unsure where these pulled sets went. I've heard the following different explanations and am not sure if it's any or all of them: 1) they're sent back to the warehouse 2) they're sent to a different Target store 3) they're donated to stores like Goodwill."
  • Mars_Needs_LEGOMars_Needs_LEGO Member Posts: 23
    @rocao I didn't see the thread this was originally posted to, so I'm not entirely sure of the context. To the best of my knowledge, Target liquidates it's inventory primarily through clearance sales, not donations (except in the case of food items, which go to local food banks). On at least one occasion I have seen an older LEGO set pop up in our store (7097 Trolls' Mountain Fortress, and at a higher price point than originally released), so I'm sure there are some sets being transferred to other stores although I've no idea who determines which sets get sent rather than clearanced and how those selections are made. As far as I know, only defective products are returned to the warehouse.

    I should qualify all these statements by saying that I work in a clerical capacity, not on the sales floor. So I only have indirect knowledge of how merchandise is pulled. Hope this helps in some way.
  • RobbRobb Member Posts: 144
    Just a note that some Target stores may still have some clearance items with further reductions. My local store had a boat load of Atlantis Squid Gateway sets that no one was buying, even at 50% off. They got reduced to 75% off this week, so I finally picked up a set, but there are still over 10 sets left.
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