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[UK] For trade: Clark Kent minifigs

AvengerDrAvengerDr Member Posts: 453
Hi all,
some weeks ago I preordered a few of the new Batman DVDs. I don't have them yet but the tracking shows them as delivered to my workplace address. So I'll hopefully be able to recover them on Tuesday. Unless Amazon sent me an empty box or - as it is custom in Naples - a box with a brick inside - a real brick :D

So before I throw them to the masses on BL or eBay I wanted to see if there's something we could work out. I ordered three available, one for me and two open for trade.

Here's what I'm looking for (in new condition):

1 CK for 1 among the following:
- Blue coat Bilbo
- Jawa
- Iron Patriot (should you somehow already have it)

1 CK for 2 among the following:
- Iron Man with circle on chest
- R-3PO
- K-3PO
- Lando (General Outfit)
- Anakin Battle Damaged
- Anakin without hair (sw139)
- other rarish SW figs from E4-6

1 for 4 among the following:
- Aquaman
- Doc Ock
- Venom
- Gloin
- Oin
- Thorin
- Luke Bacta Tank
- Mr Freeze
- Owen Lars
- Luke celebration
- Juno Eclipse
- Ahsoka Tano
- any R-droid I might not have (I have the most common ones)

Any of the minifigs in my store are also potentially available for trade. I'm also looking for a White Boba, so I might throw in something else as the CK is not that valuable.
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