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Need help & tips selling huge Lego collection?

JoeLennonxJoeLennonx Member Posts: 3
I use to play with Lego when I was between 10-13 and I got addicted to having the best city to play with. Anyway, I am a bit short of cash and I want to find all my Lego and sell the lot of it for a reasonable price as I am a bit short of money at the minute.

So, I ended up spending around £1000 on new kits from I have a couple of big kits like the Motorised Walking AT-AT and the Republic Dropship with AT-OT but I can't exactly remember what I have. I have a couple of hundred figures, huge 50 litre (I believe) box of spare parts and much, much more.

How much could I be looking at, where & how would be the best place/way to sell all this (for the most money & littlest time possible) collection?

Cheers, Joe.


  • JoeLennonxJoeLennonx Member Posts: 3
    Sorry if this is the wrong section (new to the forum).
  • CapnRex101CapnRex101 Administrator Posts: 2,364
    You will almost always get more by splitting up the collection, and could receive some very fair offers here on the forum if you found out what specifically is available. A picture alone of it all together would probably be enough to see many of the sets you have. I doubt many members here would be willing to take a chance on a large collection of mostly unknown sets on the off chance that there might be some particularly rare or desirable items included.

    If you would prefer to sell the lot as one, perhaps you would be well advised to simply put it all on eBay and see what happens. That would certainly be the fastest route.

    Basically, I suggest you initially take a couple of pictures, post them on here and let people have a look over them. You may get some offers for sets, and anything which is left can simply be sold on eBay as one lot.

    Good luck!
  • rawbobrawbob Member Posts: 535
    list your big sets and ask for offers. include set condition and if it has all pieces, minifigs, instructions and box. if anyone sends you a private message you can deal with them from there.
  • samiam391samiam391 Member Posts: 4,492
    @JoeLennonx- Welcome aboard!

    You first, and probably best step, would be to get an accurate list of all the items you have. Usually the best way to do this is gather all the instruction manuals (assuming you have them), and then put them with their set, while writing the set # (on the instruction manual) down on a separate sheet of paper.

    That will at least give a few of us a possible value of your collection :o)
  • JoeLennonxJoeLennonx Member Posts: 3
    edited May 2013
    Most sets will have chunks missing, I don't have any boxes or instruction manuals (I believe)...
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