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Hello from a Malaysian in Bristol moving to Aberdeen

KimTanKimTan Member Posts: 9

Just joined recently and just thought of saying hello from a Malaysian which is based in Bristol but moving to Aberdeen soon for a job relocation. Was introduced to lego by one of my friend and has found love with Super Heroes as well as Star wars. I am surprise by how fast time could fly pass when you are constructing the lego and at the moment, I am trying to complete a whole set of Super Heroes minifigures. Looking to trade or purchase them.


  • indigoboxindigobox Member Posts: 470
    edited May 2013
    Hello @KimTan

    Interesting relocation from Bristol to Aberdeen. Bit of a distance to move, but i guess from Malaysia to Bristol was a trek as well. You may find the accents in Aberdeen a little hard to get used to at first :)

    You will find over time you will spend many more hours building LEGO.
    How are you displaying your little Super Hero Minifigures?

    If you are wanting to buy or trade them post a request for what you are looking for in the marketplace section. I am sure someone will be able to assist.

  • KimTanKimTan Member Posts: 9

    I am so sure I will struggle at the beginning with the accents. Supposed it will be a good learning experience.

    I still hasn't been quite sure on how I would like to display them, especially not even sure how my new place in Aberdeen is going to look like. Any suggestions on the display?

    Will start posting on marketplace once I get there. A lot of things need to be sorted out before I start filling my room with lego again :D
  • LegobutterflyLegobutterfly Member Posts: 488
    Hi & Welcome!

    I'm in Somerset, so not too far from Bristol. Nice to see another Lego fan in the south west on here, even if you are soon relocating soon :)

    It's really lovely on here, everyone is friendly and there's a great sense of community spirit.

    Enjoy your time here, and good luck with the move :)

  • nerick906nerick906 Bristol, UKMember Posts: 417
    I must say I made @KimTan to register and I was the disease who spread Lego Love !
    I'm on his girlfriends black list now, but oh well... life is short !
  • flowerpotgirlflowerpotgirl BordersMember Posts: 190
    Welcome, and enjoy. This is such a friendly place.
  • beegeedeebeegeedee Galway, IrelandMember Posts: 380

    I'm from Aberdeen originally. The accent is pretty hard to follow but it's not impossible so you'll be fine. You'll probably find it harder to get used to the temperature, especially in winter where it can get pretty severe. It was something like -18C in the city and as low as -23C in parts of Aberdeenshire in 2010 but it's not normally as harsh, -8C to -10C is more normal :D

    Nice place though.

    Anyway, enjoy BrickSet, it's like my second home.
  • KimTanKimTan Member Posts: 9
    @nerick906 shhhh....... is girlfriend.

    Thanks for the friendly welcome. Can tell is an amazing community and everyone are friendly. @beegeedee is decided, I am running back to Malaysia!
  • beegeedeebeegeedee Galway, IrelandMember Posts: 380
    It's not so bad @KimTan and like everything you get used to it quick enough. Summer is fairly mild although my mum tells me it's not exactly been warm this year.

    Check out Footdee down by the harbour (some inspiration for a MOC perhaps) and the old fort on the other side where you can watch the dolphins playing in the harbour mouth - it's pretty cool.
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