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Damaged boxes from LEGO [email protected]

tfranklin84tfranklin84 Member Posts: 113
edited January 6 in Shopping USA/Canada
Just wondering if anybody here has contacted LEGO over [email protected] box damage, and if so what the response was? I’ve received many damaged set boxes and never said anything, but I’ve had some more extreme damage lately on expensive sets and wonder at what point if any I will contact LEGO. I don’t expect perfect LEGO boxes. But boxes clearly abused by UPS on big sets do bug me. 


  • 12651265 Member Posts: 1,145
    A month ago I received my package where I ordered the Back to the Future Time Machine #10300 which came with three GWP items.  The set was damaged, not to my liking, so I requested a return via [email protected] online and instantly received the shipping label.  I shipped the set back and within two weeks after the set was received by [email protected], I received a credit to my credit card.  I kept the three GWP items and my VIP points remained unchanged for the purchase.
  • scotty12scotty12 Member Posts: 831
    I normally don't say anything either.  But after a purchases on Black Friday I finally did.  I purchased the Atari 2600, Sesame Street and 5-6 small $10-20 sets. So on one of the small sets..the Tuk was wedged/packaged to keep the Atari from moving around.  Well...of course it did...but after it's picked up and put down dozens of looked as if someone had sat on it.  It happens all the time with LEGO with small sets like Brickheadz.  I don't know why a few extra air pillows can't be used.
      Any...I called CS...they sent me a new one....told me there's no need to send the damaged one back and gave me a $20 in VIP points.
  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO Member Posts: 10,763
    Yeah, sometimes I wonder if the shipping people have a grudge seeing a box get an expensive item in it and they just wedge in other sets with prejudice, as my Blacktron set was so squeezed into the box, it left a partial impression on front of the Jazz Mod, if I was a stickler on Box condition Id complain.
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