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Forum hints and tips

HuwHuw Brickset Towers, Hampshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 6,269
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This discussion will present some useful hints and tips on using the forum software. Its creation was in part prompted by me accidentally stumbling across a cool feature that'll be useful to many, but is hidden away.

Removing categories from your views
If there are categories in which you're not interested (Shopping UK, perhaps, if you're in the USA), you can prevent discussions from those categories appearing in your view. Here's how to remove specific categories:

1. Click on Categories in the menu on the right to access Category Management
2. Hover over the one you're not interested in
3. Click on the Options button that appears
4. Click on Unfollow

If you wish to follow the category again, repeat the previous steps and in the last step, choose Follow. If you don't see the categories previously marked as "unfollowed", you may need to select "Show unfollowed categories" from the right hand navigation to display.

Mark all viewed
New to the forum? Want to remove all the yellow new message counts? Click on Mark all viewed in the top menu to do so. Note that if you've read some of the replies in a conversation, it will remove the new message count but also forget those that you've read so the next time you view it will appear as if you've not read any of them.

There is a Mark read menu item in the categories list options, which implies that you can mark conversations in specific categories as read, but it doesn't appear to do anything for me.

Do you have any handy tips to share? Let us know here and we'll add them.

Inserting hyperlinks to Brickset set detail pages
Set numbers preceded with a # will be converted to hyperlinks to set details pages. If a set suffix is not provided, -1 will be assumed. Examples:

#6876 -- link to the Blacktron Alienator
#6876-1 -- link to the Blacktron Alienator

#6862 -- link to Secret Space Voyager
#6862-2 -- link to Superman Vs Power Armor Lex

(thanks to @brickmatic for the jQuery script to implement this)


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