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Hi from Newcastle, UK

I've lurked on here for a good few months and thought I'd get involved in this lovely forum! It seems like there's a great community here.

I'm a Teessider now living in Newcastle and I was into LEGO in a huge way as a kid in the 90s (I'd even dream about the stuff!). As a computer gaming enthusiast, the Minecraft set brought me out of my dark ages last year and I have rediscovered my love for plastic. Luckily my childhood collection was safe in my parents' attic and has been reclaimed! I have been limiting myself to Star Wars (it has come a long way since my last SW set in '99) and the modulars (I have FB and Pet Shop) so far... My girlfriend is understanding and helps me build occasionally. We've just finished UCS R2-D2 which is superb.

It seems as though stores are popping up everywhere in the UK now - I wonder what our chances are here?


  • flowerpotgirlflowerpotgirl BordersMember Posts: 190
    Hello bassbison and welcome. I was born and raised in Newcastle, although I now live further north, in the Scottish Borders. I too would love to see a lego shop in Newcastle (or the Metrocentre). I could then shop for Lego when visiting the family, and I would always have an excuse for some Lego shopping. I love the modular buildings, I have FB and PS, and I have also brick linked Cafe Corner. I have almost completed my brick linked minifigure too, so Market Street is next on my list.
  • SirKevbagsSirKevbags Fairy Land Member Posts: 4,030
    The Metrocentre has to come. Not been there for years (north east native in exile) but maybe its just a case of the correct unit opening up.
  • KingDaveKingDave UKMember Posts: 973
    I would say there is probably more chance of a store in Newcastle than the Metrocentre. Even with the new extension, the Metro has seen better days but the 'Toon' centre has had all manor of upgrades in the last few years. Probably in the new part of Eldon square near the apple store would be a likely area if not Northumberland Street.
  • monkeyhangermonkeyhanger Member Posts: 3,011
    Kingdave: Hartlepudlian living in North Shields. Newcastle (or possibly Durham) is screaming out for a Lego store.
  • bassbisonbassbison Member Posts: 8
    Mornin' all.

    flowerpotgirl - that must have taken some doing! I've used BL a little and it isn't the most user friendly. I'm tempted with the Town Hall next as I'm not fond of the Palace Cinema or GE.

    If a store does open I agree with KingDave on Eldon Square being the best and most likely place. I think the Metrocentre has had its day.

    monkeyhanger - I suspected you might be from Hartlepool by your name! I have some good friends from there. I'm from Stockton to be exact.
  • BrickCracyBrickCracy Member Posts: 4
    Yeah the modulare building are cool :)
  • ame_uwagiame_uwagi Bolton, UKMember Posts: 41
    Hi and welcome

    You're very lucky to have your older sets preserved. Many of us find the dark ages also mean dark times for forgotten LEGO.

    I'm from Bolton but there are a few of us across the north of England who occasionally meet up to chat, build and display. Hope you can come to one of our events and have a chat.
  • bassbisonbassbison Member Posts: 8
    @BrickCracy indeed they are! Almost too cool. I'm glad that there are some Modulars I'm not interested in or I'd be seriously poor!

    @ame_uwagi Hi and cheers! I'm very grateful to still have everything in my possession - last night I was checking out my old Spyrius and Castle sets. A little dated but still nice. Thankfully I have most of the instructions and what I don't have will be on Brickset! I'd be well up for an event, sounds great.
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