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Large collection for sale - in NYC (list and pictures at bottom)

dangottesmandangottesman Member Posts: 3
Hey there folks.

I'm a new new to this group, and figured this would be a good place to try to sell my collection.

I've estimated it at around 17,500+ pieces; 140+ minifigs; 100+ pounds.

There are two parts to it...
My original collection from when I was a kid (I'm 39), which has been kept in a classic denim Lego storage bag (included).
Lots of Space, Castle, Town sets, a bunch of Technic, and even a Train set. And a few really oldies from the 70s, too.
This batch might be missing a few pieces, and isn't as well-documented.
I was pretty good about keeping my instructions, and based on what I've got, I can estimate that this batch has about 4,000 pieces, with about 40 sets of instructions (some of which aren't in the best shape).

In the late 90s, I got back into collecting, and when the Star Wars stuff came out, I went kinda nuts and got pretty much every set that came out, including a couple of the Ultimate Collectors sets, and a few of the larger Technic sets. I also got the MindStorms NXT set a few years later, which I think was my last purchase.
This batch is obviously much larger, and has been sorted and stored in several large plastic containers, inside of which are a bunch of variously sized Akro storage bins (all included, btw).
I estimate that this batch has around 13,000 pieces or so, with several dozen minifigs.

I've put together a list of all of the sets based on the manuals I've got, which is listed below.
There is a chance that there might be a manual or two missing, but I'm pretty sure it's all there.

Altogether, there are 2 big containers with bins inside, 1 large/flat container with a couple of large trays and more bins, and 3 small "briefcase" style tackle box containers (for smaller parts). The older stuff is in the denim bag, which has been stored in a cardboard box and is in very nice shape. (see photos)
All of the storage containers are included in the collection.
There's also a blue bin of basic building blocks, also seen in the photos.
There are a few other odds & ends (like the electric train power supplies, which work with 9v motors) included as well; I just don't have the time to go through every bin/piece.

The collection has been stored in a smoke-free home for the past 10 years, and hasn't seen any daylight or moisture.
There are definitely some rare/collectible bits in the collection, but I am not interested in separating any of them out - this is an all-or-nothing situation.

Along with all of the instructions, there are a lot of brochures, and I've also got an idea book or two from the 80s.

I can't really see how shipping all of this stuff would be practical (we're talking about at least 100 pounds, and over 5 big boxes, here), so I'm thinking local pickup is our best bet.
If, however, you really want me to box & ship everything, I will accommodate you, so long as you cover all of the costs.

Please contact me with any questions and/or offers.

I'd also love to hear any ideas or feedback about how I might go about trying to sell this, if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions.

Here are the photos (they're nice and large, be sure to look at them at 100%):

Flat Bin

And here's the list:

659 Police Patrol Classic
490 Mobile Crane Classic
697 Stage Coach Classic
445 Police Units Classic
697 Stage Coach Classic
215 Red Indians Classic
619 Rally Car Classic
642 Tow Truck and Car Classic
483 Alpha Rocket Base Space
462 Mobile Rocket Launcher Space
590 Engine Co. No. 9 Town
542 Street Crew Town
556 Emergency Van Classic
442 Space Shuttle Space
924 Space Transporter Space
305 Crater Plates Space
744 Universal Building Set Basic
6690 Snorkel Pumper Town
8888 Idea Book Expert Builder
6870 Space Probe Launcher Space
6602 Fire Unit Town
6822 Space Digger Space
6801 Moon Buggy Space
6685 Fire Copter 1 Town
6880 Surface Explorer Space
6823 Surface Transport Space
6654 Motorcycle Transport Town
6622 Mailman on Motorcycle Town
6030 Catapult Castle
6040 Blacksmith Shop Castle
8040 Universal Set (Pneumatic) Technic
6697 Rescue-1 Helicopter Town
6931 FX Star Patroller Space
7722 Steam Cargo Train Set Trains
6012 Siege Cart Castle
1572 Super Tow Truck Town
6066 Camouflaged Outpost Castle
8412 Nighthawk Technic
8277 Giant Model Set Technic
8735 9V Motor Set Technic
6572 Wind Runners System
6903 Bug Blaster Insectoids
5928 Bi-Wing Baron Adventurers
5925 Pontoon Plane Adventurers
8226 Mud Masher Technic
6110 Solo Sub Hydronauts
6817 Beta Buzzer Insectoids
8428 Concept Car Technic
8448 Super Street Sensation Technic
8246 Hydro Racer Technic
7101 Lightsaber Duel Star Wars
7121 Naboo Swamp Star Wars
7110 Landspeeder Star Wars
7111 Droid Fighter Star Wars
7128 Speeder Bikes Star Wars
7131 Aniken's Podracer Star Wars
7141 Naboo Fighter Star Wars
7130 Snowspeeder Star Wars
7155 Trade Federation ATT Star Wars
4910 Hover Scout Rock Raiders
5936 Spider's Secret Adventurers
7171 Mos Espa Pod Race Star Wars
7161 Gungan Sub Star Wars
7140 X-Wing Fighter Star Wars
7150 TIE Fighter & Y-Wing Star Wars
7151 Sith Infiltrator Star Wars
8444 Air Enforcer Technic
9748 Droid Developer Kit Star Wars
7159 Star Wars Bucket Star Wars
7104 Desert Skiff Star Wars
7124 Flash Speeder Star Wars
7144 Slave I Star Wars
8000 Pit Droid Star Wars
7134 A-Wing Fighter Star Wars
7115 Gungan Patrol Star Wars
8001 Battle Droid Star Wars
7180 B-Wing at Rebel Control Center Star Wars
7184 Trade Federation MTT Star Wars
7190 Millennium Falcon Star Wars
7191 X-Wing Fighter UCS Star Wars
7181 TIE Interceptor UCS Star Wars
8002 Destroyer Droid Star Wars
7258 Wookiee Attack Star Wars
8527 Mindstorms NXT Mindstorms

thanks in advance,



  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,290
    Whenever I see decent sized collections posted for sale, two things cross my mind in rapid succession:

    1. Is there any way I can justify absorbing the collection despite already owning many of the sets?
    2. God forbid, but if I ever need to sell my collection, it would be a herculean task.

    Good luck with the sale; I always respect the dedication to LEGO collecting of New Yorkers.
  • dangottesmandangottesman Member Posts: 3
    Hah! Thanks, Rocao!

    It's true - this was not an easy decision for me to make, but I have come to terms with it, and am ready to start lifting heavy rocks (and other Herculean-type things).

    My hope is to find someone in the NY/NJ/CT tri-state area who maybe just bought a nice house with a big basement, and is looking to jump-start their old/small collection with a bunch of new stuff that they didn't get when they were younger.
    Or something.

    I'm entertaining any and all offers/suggestions/thoughts, at this point.
  • bkprbkpr Member Posts: 295
    Those old moon baseplates bring back some memories :)
  • dangottesmandangottesman Member Posts: 3
    bkpr said:

    Those old moon baseplates bring back some memories :)

    Ah yes. The coveted Crater Plates. :)

  • dangottesmandangottesman Member Posts: 3
    I should also mention that I didn't photograph the instructions themselves; which are also included.
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