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Selling or trading. (from Austria)

berniebondberniebond Member Posts: 137
edited May 2013 in Marketplace
All sets sealed. Selling or trading:

#8674 Ferrari Racer 1:8 EUR 450,-
#6754 Family Home EUR 115,-
#4184 POtC Black Pearl EUR 175,-
#10216 Winter Village Bakery EUR 90,-
#10199 Winter Village Toy shop EUR 90,-
#10222 Winter village Post office EUR 90,-
#10219 Maersk Train EUR 210,-
#10155 Maersk Containership EUR 130,-
#3432 NBA Challenge EUR 130,-
#9465 Monster Fighters The Zombies (Box has 1cm hole in front) EUR 75,-
#7784 Batmobile (Box opened, Bags sealed) EUR 160,-
#10212 Imperial Shuttle EUR 320,-
#8043 Technic Excavator EUR 220,-
#10231 Shuttle Expedition 190,-
#5985: Space Police Central MISB EUR 90,-
#7985 City of Atlantis EUR 60,-
#8144 Racers Ferrari Garage Michael/ Felipe EUR 95,-
Hulk Polybag
#7644: MX-81 Hypersonic Operations Aircraft EUR 135,-
#7690: MB-01 Eagle Command Base EUR 190.-
#7699: Armoured Drilling unit (MISB, 80 EUR)
#4842 HP Hogwarts Castle EUR 249,-
#4867 Hogwarts EUR 105,-
#7188: King's Carriage Ambush EUR 30,-

Minifigures (Sealed Bags)
CMF series 4 or 5 Set of all 16 Minifigs EUR 43.-
CMF Series 6 Set of all 16 Minifigs EUR 47,-
CMF series 7 Set of all 16 Minifigs EUR 37,-
CMF series 4/5/6/7 Set of all 64 Minifigures EUR 167,-
CMF series 10 Set of all 16 Minifigures EUR 55,-

Shipping within the EU should be around EUR 18,- for one item. (insured)
CMFs series shipping at fixed rate: 7 EUR one series, 13 EUR two or more series

Shipping to the US would be around EUR 25,- for one item, CMFs at around 16 EUR. (insured)
Please contact for further inquiries or trade offers! Some prices might be flexible ;-)

Currently top of my wanted list
5378 HP Hogwarts Castle 2007 (must be complete with instructions)
Mot. AT-AT 10178 (complete with instructions)
4756 Shrieking shack (complete with instructions)
4730 chamber of secrets (complete with instructions)
Open to your offers...
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