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Selling Late 80's early 90's collection

mikeymasemikeymase Member Posts: 1
edited May 2013 in Marketplace
First time posting here, I am sure many of you know of bricklink and here is a thread link to the bricklink posting for the pics.

I am unloading a lot to make way for a
new move and change in life. Mostly castle, pirates I, police I, blacktron stuff
etc. All lego and figures are in like new condition with hardly any wear at
all. If there is something worth mentioning (like something terribly wrong)
I will mention it in the listing. I need to sell some stuff to make room for
my barrage of pirate ships that I will be building next week

Got all sorts of old sets to get rid of, need to start off with these to make
some room for others to be built. I will be taking offers on most of this stuff
to see what I get before pricing it myself.

Most of the sets listed have instructions
Police 1 series -
Blacktron 1 –
6876 – no instructions
Blacktron 2 –
6878x3 – 2 instructions
6704 with box / did not come with instructions
Tub of blacktron 2 pieces – 3 LB, I don’t feel like building anymore of these
6877x3 – 1 instruction book
3 extra figs if you buy all

Castle – Forestman - 6071 - I have 2 these but only one instruction set

6077 - I have 2 of these both with instructions in almost perfect condition

4554 - Metro Station – no instructions – all parts, pieces and stickers original
and are in fine condition. All figs in like new condition

Like I said, taking offers on this for now. Will sell individual sets or themes
as a whole.

The last pic are the books and sails to my Pirate collection, currently residing
at my family beach house 2 hours north of here that I am picking up this weekend.
I will be building all of that and some more old castles.

Thanks for looking
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