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Valuation request for Brickbeards Bounty No. 6243

If anyone would be so kind on what i should sell this item for and where is the best place to sell it please? As far as i can see it is complete apart from the parrot and a lantern which i have seen both of on ebay for approx 99p each. It has no box but has the instructions.
Many thanks in advance for your help guys n gals.


  • chiffychiffy Member Posts: 5
    Apologies for being lazy but being new to the site i have just found the link to bricklink and seen some examples and prices on there but thanks anyways. My will certainly be cheaper than those guys are asking and hopefully go to a collector that appreciates this beautiful ship as my boy has done over the past few years.
  • JosephJoseph Member Posts: 629
    edited April 2013
    Aside from ebay completed listings, you can also use bricklink to get a good idea of the value: [edit: I see you've already found that though].

    As for where to sell it, you might find these threads helpful:
    Best Places to Sell Lego
    Selling Advice for Novices
    Selling on Bricklink
  • chiffychiffy Member Posts: 5
    Thanks Joesph very helpful and much appreciated.
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