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5891 Apple Tree House baseplates

StormsworderStormsworder Member Posts: 107
edited June 2011 in Everything else LEGO
Has anyone else noticed odd things about 5891 Apple Tree House's baseplates? For one thing they seem a lighter shade of green than the usual green baseplates. For another, if you put 1x1 Lego pieces on them (like the cyclinder pieces or those little sloped pieces that go around the bottom of the tree) they seem loose, as though the studs on the baseplate are slightly too small. Are all the Apple Tree House sets like this or have I just got one of a rogue batch?


  • davee123davee123 Member Posts: 854
    The lighter shade of green is LEGO's color #37 "Bright Green". They don't typically use it for baseplates, but it's been used here and there:

    As for the stud thing, that may actually be common on baseplates. I tried the same thing with my copy of the Apple Tree House, and yes, they seemed loose on mine. But then I tried it on a variety of other baseplates I had lying around (old and new) with similar results. The only baseplates that seemed consistently better were the raised baseplates (some of which had a mix of tight-fitting and loose-fitting studs).

    However, I then tried the same experiment, but instead of using the 1x1 round cones, I used a 1x1 brick and a 1x1 brick with headlight. Those elements stuck very well. So it *could* be a problem with the 1x1 cones or the 1x1 cheese slopes.

  • drdavewatforddrdavewatford Administrator Posts: 6,755
    ^ As it happens, I noted issues attaching a couple of minifigs to a brand new 8x16 baseplate only yesterday - very weak clutch. Plates attached fine, though, so it does seem to depend on what piece you're attaching, as @dave123 suggests.
  • MatthewMatthew Administrator Posts: 3,714
    edited June 2011
    ^ I have the same issue, with the 20 16x32 baseplates that set me back £50 direct from Lego...
  • jonboy2000jonboy2000 Member Posts: 259
    Is it me or are the baseplates in the pet shop slightly thinner than usual? They now have the part number stamped on the bottom so they must me a newer design. They just seem a bit flimsy when I first picked them up?
  • MatthewMatthew Administrator Posts: 3,714
    I thought the same with ^^
  • StormsworderStormsworder Member Posts: 107
    I hope Lego baseplates are not going to end up like those Happy Days baseplates. They were so flimsy they started cracking along the middle just if you pressed too hard on them while you were building things. I think I only had one or two (out of about ten) which remained in one piece.
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