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Bionicle/Hero Factory MOC Kranix Hunter and THE GREAT WALL!

A little something new. I have always dug the Bionicle style stuff for the cool sort of Geiger-esq bio-mechanicle Gothic Look.

Kranix Hound is the small one and he is meant to be a sleek hunter. Her was a hero who was possessed and twisted (almost Silent Hill Style) into a weapon festooned, agile, savage hunter. All hooks and blades, but with clearly defined bits of the hero still identifiable.

The large one, I call THE GREAT WALL. I really liked this Exo-Armor they made when the line first started, but it was just such a fragile mess. But, the bulk of it and big arm cannon always made me think of Shogun Warriors. So, I bolted part of a hero body into the thing and bolted it all down and to a base made up of a classic Rahi Crab style body. Effectively, the whole thing is supposed to hover short distances and make itself a living barricade. A semi-mobile battle Fortress/Tank Emplacement.
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