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Polybag: BR LEGO Minifigure



  • icey117icey117 Member Posts: 510
    blade_guy said:

    Does anyone have any left?

    Pm me! I got a few, but the stores are slowly emptying :-/
  • SupersympaSupersympa Member Posts: 534
    yes, and looking for trades, but I have opened my own thread in market place ;)
  • wiggywiggy Member Posts: 351
    Hi, I'd love 2 if anyone can supply please, I'm in the UK.
  • shawn_lowshawn_low Member Posts: 27
    Can someone PM me to sell me one? For trades, I have access to the Shell Ferrari models minus the one with the Pit Crew minifigs.
  • LukeSkywalkerLukeSkywalker Member Posts: 231
    Thanks very much @icey117, mine arrived on Thursday, great little figure! :)
  • FilbrickFilbrick Member Posts: 1
    Mine arrived Friday - many thanks @icey117!
  • yys4uyys4u Member Posts: 1,093
    Got my figures from @Gurooo! Anyone on the fence about buying one or trading for one here's another pic

    Even though it's another Chinese made figure, the quality seems pretty good. Nice vibrant yellow colors, not dull or even greenish as seen in other Chinese manufactured figures. Most impressively for me is how white the straps on his chest are printed. Similar style 'red coat' figures from PotC sets had an almost pinkish color for the white straps, probably because the white paint wasn't thick enough to fully cover the red underneath.

    He does come with a baseplate (not pictured) as I believe huw mentioned on his front page review, so some could consider him part of the CMF series.
  • maquesmaques Member Posts: 96
    My lot arrived today, was real fast!
    Thanks @icey117!
  • SilentModeSilentMode Member Posts: 586
    I would like one, are there any left?
  • SilentModeSilentMode Member Posts: 586
    Never mind folks, I have one after doing a trade.
  • indigoboxindigobox Member Posts: 470
    I have a few over here in the UK if any UK people want some thanks to a trade with a nice person in Denmark.

    The issue I have is do I leave mine in its bag with it being a poly or do I open it with it being a Mini Figure haha
  • jonasoerumjonasoerum Member Posts: 1
    BR minifig. in change for series 1 minifig.? Best regards, Jonas Ørum (DK).
  • pohatu771pohatu771 Member Posts: 3
    My aunt is on the way home from Sweden now, but she didn't mention whether she got one for me or not. I'm hoping she did, because I'm not paying more than $4 for one. It's interesting, but not that interesting.
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